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Baigli with poppy seeds and walnuts

Baigli with poppy seeds and walnuts

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Sift the flour, make a hole in the flour and put the yeast with warm milk and sugar, leave the yeast to bloom.

Add butter, lard, egg yolks, sugar, sour cream, salt powder and lemon zest and knead until the dough comes off.

Leave to rise for about 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare the walnut filling, mix the walnuts with the sugar and the beaten egg whites.

Prepare the poppy seed filling, put the sugar and milk on the fire and mix until the sugar melts then add the poppy seeds and mix.

Divide the dough into 6 equal parts, spread a ball of dough on a plate as thin as possible and put the filling, roll the bagel and place it in the trays.

Beat 2 eggs and grease the bag with a brush and let it grow in the pan for 15-20 minutes.

Heat the oven to 180 degrees and insert the tray for 30 minutes when baking.

When they are nicely browned, take them out of the oven and leave them to cool in the trays.

Good appetite !!!

Baigli with walnuts and poppies in Hungary, Romania

At Christmas, baigli - in Hungarian, "bejgli" -, a roll with poppy seeds and walnuts, fills the houses of Hungarians and more with its aroma. Like many cakes, a good baigli has its little secrets. Find them below from the article of my colleague Emőke Mihály, who prepared and photographed, on this occasion, baigli à la MaghiaRomania :).

Baigliul - the most popular traditional Hungarian Christmas cake - is a kind of cake, but less tall than the classic cake, has a roll shape and contains a lot of filling. Hailing from Silesia, he arrived in Hungary and Transylvania through the Austrians in the late 19th century.

The traditional variant is with walnuts and poppies, but more recently it is also made with chestnuts, prunes, cherries or marzipan. There are few Hungarian families who do not have their own baigli recipe. However, no matter how widespread, not many people know how to prepare it really well. It has many tricks, and if we do not follow the instructions very precisely, the making of the baigli can fail very easily: sometimes the cake cracks on the side in the oven, the filling leaks during baking, or breaks when cut, it can widen, or the inside remains uncooked. But with a really good recipe and a little care, a real delicacy can come out.

Of the many recipes that can be found in cookbooks, in cookbooks inherited over generations and on websites, I now want to introduce you to just one: my favorite recipe. Maybe that's why it's particularly delicious because it also contains butter, butter and whipped cream, which gives the dough a very good consistency. I prepared it many times and it always went well. The recipe appears in many places on the internet: here, here and here in Hungarian. Although I used all three sources mentioned, I reformulated the description of the preparation according to my own experiences and completed it with my own advice. The pictures are original and they belong to me too.

I hope everyone will be successful with this recipe. I wish you a peaceful Christmas with the smell of baigli!

ingredients (quantities reach for 3 baigli with walnut and 3 with poppy seeds):

- 900 g of cake flour

- 125 g lard (can be pork, goose or duck)

- 25 g of yeast (or an envelope of dry yeast)

- 10 g cream for whipped cream (cold!)

- 350 g ground poppy seeds + 350 g ground walnuts (in case we want to make 3 rolls with walnuts and 3 with poppies)

- a clove tip, ground and fried

To grease the cake: 1 egg white + 1 egg yolk

Preparation of the filling: The preparation of the bagel is a rather long and exhausting process, so it is useful to prepare the filling the day before. Store in the refrigerator until used.

Mix half of the water (ie a quarter of a liter) with half the amount of sugar (250 g) and bring to the boil. In a bowl, mix the ground poppy seeds and half of all the remaining ingredients. Pour this mixture into the water boiled with sugar and mix well. Allow to cool, then refrigerate.

With the other half of the amount of water and the other half of the amount of sugar a syrup is made again. In a bowl, mix the ground walnuts and the other half of the ingredients, and then put everything in the water with sugar and mix them very well. Allow to cool and place this mixture in the refrigerator. It is important that the filling is kept cool until we start working on it.

Cake preparation: Add the crushed yeast to the flour, without leaving it to rise beforehand. Mix the flour very well with the yeast, powdered sugar and salt, then mix them with butter and lard. Then mix with the whipped cream, egg yolks and water. Knead the dough well and let it rest in a cool place.

Then, using a scale, divide the dough into 6 equal pieces. We write down the exact weight of a piece. We put them all back in the cool place, and from there we always take only one piece, which we work with at the moment.

On a wooden board we spread the dough with the rolling pin in a sheet no thicker than 1 cm, giving it a rectangular shape. Neither the board nor the dough should be floured. The longer side of the rectangle must be the right size to fit in the baking tray. It is very important that the thickness of the dough is uniform.

With wet hands, spread evenly (!) A portion of the filling (with walnuts or poppy seeds) on the first portion of spread dough, leaving 1 cm unfilled edges. The filling is pasty, you can work with it almost like pastel. A portion of filling should in principle be one-sixth of the total amount prepared (just as a portion of dough is one-sixth of the total amount), but we must also consider another rule: the weight of a portion of dough must be the same as the weight of a filling portion (for me - last time - 270 g came out for a portion of dough, a little more filling, but I put only 270 g filling in a roll, so that its weight is equal to of the dough).

After we finish, we wash our hands well, so as not to soil the dough when we roll it. First fold the shorter sides inwards so that the filling does not come out, then roll the cake tightly.

/> Put the roll on a tray lined with baking paper, grease it with egg yolk, and then put it back to cool to dry and rest.

We repeat all these operations 5 more times, until we get 6 rolls of baigli. When the egg yolk icing has dried well on the rolls, grease them once more, but now with egg white. Allow overnight (or about 8 hours) to rest in a cool place (8–10˚C in the pantry, not in the refrigerator).

In the morning we preheat the oven to 200˚C. Before putting them in the oven, the rolls must be pricked deeply with a long needle, on a line, so that the steam can come out during baking. Put the rolls in the oven (three at a time), bake them for 15 minutes at a temperature of 200˚C, and then another 10 minutes at 190˚C, until the skin turns golden and they are well cooked inside.

We take them out of the oven, let them cool on a wire rack. We only slice them after they have cooled completely. What we can't eat all of a sudden can be wrapped in cling film and put in the fridge: it will stay fresh for many days.

Article signed by Mihály Emőke.

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How to make beigli cake with poppy or walnut on the recipe tray without rolling?

Fraged-leavened dough for baigli

The procedure is extremely simple. It's ready in less than 10 minutes. I mixed the warm milk with the yeast and the caster sugar. I left everything on the table until I prepared the other ingredients. I added the rest of the ingredients from the recipe (from the "Dough" chapter) and I quickly kneaded a dough (2-3 minutes). I worked with the robot but it works quickly and by hand. I wrapped the dough in a food foil and left it in the fridge for 2 hours (maybe overnight).

How to make poppy cream scalded with milk?

While the dough is cooling, I prepared the poppy seed cream because it also needs cooling time.

The poppy must be ground with an electric coffee grinder or a classic, manual one. I use my great-grandmother's grinder.

I started by weighing the empty saucepan and writing down how many grams it has. We will need this information later. That's not to dirty another bowl & # 8230 I die when I see 10 dirty dishes in vain in a recipe when everything can be solved with 2 or 3.

In a saucepan I put on the fire the milk, the ground poppy seeds, the vanilla, the lemon peel and 100 g of sugar (we use the rest later). I let everything boil over low heat, stirring occasionally. After the cream started to set, I added the raisins (cranberries). I then left the poppy seed to cool.

Separately I beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt and after the composition was already firm I added the sugar (200 g) and I beat the foam for a few more minutes.

I would like to point out that, normally, the beigli filling does not contain egg whites. The whipped egg whites from the cozonac fillings swell strongly when baked and contribute to the cracking of the dough. But because I chose to make the beigli cake with poppy seeds on the tray, I considered it useful to use egg whites in the composition of poppy cream, egg white that makes the filling more creamy but does not change the taste and character of the final dish.

I mixed the two compositions with the spatula (not with the mixer!), With wide movements from top to bottom. I tried not to crush the foam.

Video: Cozonac cu nuca si mac Baigli reteta ungureasca (May 2022).


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