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5 Snacks for A March Madness Marathon Weekend

5 Snacks for A March Madness Marathon Weekend

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I'm a professed football fanatic. When August rolls around and my Auburn Tigers suit up for the first season of the game, it's like Christmas, my birthday, a promotion, and finding the last Thin Mint box in the freezer on a bad day rolled into one. Total elation.

Even on its best day, however, college football doesn't have any event that can compete with the spectacle that is March Madness. The brackets, the Cinderella stories (yes, I was among the 5 percent who picked UAB), and the agony. I've got multiple windows open on my desktop, I'm constantly tracking, and I can't help but send multiple group messages bragging with my upset picks. And that's just at work! On the weekends, it's March Madness all day, every day. If you're like me (or have a spouse who doesn't leave the man cave when the games start up), here are 5 healthy snack picks for March Madness snacking.

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