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12 Amazing Retro Soda Fountains Across America

12 Amazing Retro Soda Fountains Across America

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Did you know that before soda was a national bad habit, it was meant to be a health drink? The soda fountain was invented in an attempt to recreate mineral waters that bubbled up from the Earth. Many European and Asian civilizations believed that these waters contained curative properties, so in an attempt to capitalize on the supposed medicinal effects of fizzy water, eighteenth-century scientists invented a machine to inject carbon dioxide into still water, causing it to fizz like the bubbling natural mineral baths patients flocked to for their health.

12 Amazing Retro Soda Fountains Across America (Slideshow)

By the late 1800s, most people no longer believed that the key to health was bubbly water, but the soda fountain and the sugary mixtures soda jerks were serving up throughout America had already taken hold.

For a time, no town was without a soda fountain complete with egg creams (milk and soda water with flavoring), phosphates (soda water with fruit flavoring), and banana splits. Soda fountains were often found in drug stores, perhaps harkening back to their past as medicinal beverages.

In the early twentieth century American landscape, soda fountains served as more than snack shops. They were oftentimes the heart of the town, where people came together to date, gossip, and act as a community. They will forever be remembered be as the friendly, striped-awning symbols of a more innocent America.

So what happened to those soda fountains of old? The places where, for nearly 100 years, Americans slurped soda, scooped ice cream, fell in love, and swapped gossip?

Unfortunately, self-service pharmacies brought about the end of the American soda fountain as most people knew it. However, some of these important pieces of Americana still exist if you know where to look.

Aldrich Apothecary, Council Grove, Kan.

This building has been in use as a pharmacy since 1892, and the soda fountain has been a town fixture since the 1920s. Take a seat on one of the six swivel stools and order up an old timey favorite pulled from a working chrome spigot.

Johnny B’s Old Fashioned Soda Fountain, Marathon, TX

It’s a West Texas throwback from a simpler time. The simple menu consisting of burgers, phosphates, Lime Rickeys, and other throwback fare has earned raves from locals and travelers alike.

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New retro soda and sweet shop serves up boozy shakes + more on WashAve

The owners of Henderson & Kane are bringing a classic soda fountain to the Old Sixth Ward. Veronica and John Avila will open Old Sixth: Sodas, Sweets, and Spirits on Washington Avenue in early 2022.

Located in the former Frametek building at 2111 Washington Ave., the Old Sixth puts a modern spin on the classic soda fountains of the '40s and '50s. The concept will combine an ice cream shop with a cocktail bar to serve floats, milkshakes (both regular and boozy), tableside fondue, and more.

To bring the Old Sixth to life, the Avilas formed the Sixth Ward Collective in partnership with local beverage consultant Jojo Martinez and Sweet Cup Gelato owner Jasmine Chida. Expect scoops of ice cream in the afternoon with live jazz and cocktails in the evening.

"We've built a reliable and close relationship with these incredible women," John Avila said in a statement. "Pairing Jasmine's creative spin on nostalgic ice cream recipes with Jojo's competition level flaring skills and hospitality expertise, we'll be seeing ice cream flying across the bar in no time."

Diners who want to see the project come to fruition can contribute money via Kickstarter. Rewards include gift cards, ice cream and cocktail classes, and the opportunity to have a drink named for oneself on the menu. The group aims to raise $50,000 to offer salaries to bartenders and jazz musicians.

The Top 32 Sodas—Ranked

At least, that's what Coca-Cola wants you to think. To convince you, it's been lobbying doctors to stop saying bad stuff about its products—like the fact that soda consumption is linked to weight gain, diabetes and heart attacks. The company pours tens of millions into medical conferences and research, according to a recent report in the New York Times. And in a recent letter to the USDA, the Sugar Association even challenged the notion that added sugar causes cavities.

But the ruse isn't working. In fact, when we launched Eat This, Not That! in 2007, about 61 percent of young people reported drinking regular soda. Thanks to our own awareness campaign, and those of others to raise awareness of liquid sugar, that number had fallen to just 51 percent two years ago. (Out of the loop? Discover these amazing things that happen to your body when you give up soda.) So to keep us well-carbonated, soda manufacturers are now experimenting with ever more exotic flavors. In fact, PepsiCo is rolling out artisan soda fountains its new line, called Stubborn Soda, is already delivering exotic flavors like agave vanilla cream and black cherry with tarragon to folks in California, Florida and Colorado.

But what's really in your soda?

Eat This, Not That! took the top 50+ sodas on the market into our Food Lab. First, we ordered them by calories, carbs and sugar. Then, we examined each can's ingredients and gave demerits to sodas with more chemicals and additives than those that were nutritionally similar. Read on to discover the worst soda in America—and the best of the worst.

Wacky Sodas for the Holidays

If anyone didn't stock up on the limited edition Turkey and Gravy (pictured below) flavored soda that the quirky Jones Soda Co. produced, you can replace it with this year's more palatable sodas from Polar Seltzer.

The sparkling calorie and sugar-free seltzer comes in five holiday-themed flavors: Eggnog, Pumpkin Spice, Granny Smith Apple, Cinnamon, and, our favorite, Candy Cane.

Here are some other ways companies have figured out how to bottle the holidays:

1. Jones Soda Co.: Holiday Pack

This pack includes Turkey & Gravy, Sweet Potatoes, Dinner Roll, Pea and Antacid Flavored Sodas. While Jones Soda Co. doesn't seem to be offering it on their site, you can purchase a bottle on Ebay for $17.77!

2. Maine Root Handcrafted Beverages: Pumpkin Pie Soda

The Maine Root beverage company is known for its flavor-packed delicious natural sodas. You can purchase a your own stash directly on their site.

3. Grandpa Lundquist's: JulMust Christmas Soda

Straight from Sweden, Father Christmas's soda of choice. Purchase from for two bucks a bottle.

4. Jones Soda Co.: Chanukkah Holiday Pack

All the elements of this holiday are there: Latkes, Applesauce, Chocolate Coins, and yummy Jelly Donut. Keep a close watch on their site to see if the limited edition bottleswill be available once again this year.

5. Jones Soda Co.: Candy Corn

Halloween may be over, but if next year if you can get your hands on this sold-out six pack you might be one of the few houses passing out candy soda to trick-or-treaters.

6. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory: Choco Fizz

If you are more of a chocolate person than pumpkin pie, then try this chocolatey carbonated beverage. Check out for this product and more fun sodas!

What do you think? Would you rather skip the prep and just drink your holiday?

Basically everyone has their favorite when it comes to this spot and they're all different because every sandwich on the menu is perfection. This one is named after the neighborhood the deli resides in. Don't be discouraged by long lines, they move fast. Check out the free live music on Thursdays and Saturdays to get the full party experience.

Layer upon layer of chocolaty goodness, this pastry can barely be held with one hand. Be sure to have it warmed up and be sure to snatch one before they run out for the day.

More Soda Pops and Soft Drinks

7 Up/Lithiated Lemon/Seven Up (1929)

Dad&aposs Root Beer (1937)

Frostie Root Beer (1939)

Mission (assorted flavors, 1929)

Nehi (assorted flavors, 1924)

Dr. Brown&aposs (assorted flavors, 1865)

Orange Crush (assorted flavors, 1906)

Super Coola (assorted flavors, 1949)

Bireley&aposs Fruit Drinks (assorted flavors, 1930)

Knapp&aposs Root Beer Extract (Circa 1890)

Pommac (1919, U.S. sales in 1963-1969)

Boylan&aposs (assorted flavors, 1891)

Filbert&aposs Old Time Root Beer (1926)

Kreemo Special Root Beer (1909)

Triple XXX Root Beer (1895)

Canada Dry Ginger Ale (1904)

Lemon&aposs Superior Sparkling Ginger Ale (1871)

Schweppes Ginger Ale (1870)

Try-me (assorted flavors, 1919)

Marvel/Jumbo/Double Cola (1924)

Schweppes Bitter Lemon (1957)

White Rock Beverages (1871)

Bartle’s and Jaymes Wine Coolers, One and Only

This product used only quality ingredients. Wine, Seltzer, and Juices. The company prided itself on quality, and customers loved the product even though it sold at a premium price. Delicious as it was, it also packed a surprising punch. Other companies tried to emulate the product but did not match the quality. Those companies were focused on profiting by using malt liquor instead of quality wine. While they were able to compete by substantially cutting the cost of the product, it was not the same as the original. When wine products were hit by a major tax (but not malt liquor), Bartle’s and Jaymes had to choose between compromising the quality of their product or doubling the cost of the product. They chose to keep the integrity they built the company on and closed their doors.

Central Florida

Florida Road Trip #5:

Vero Beach to Sebring — The Treasure Coast to the Lakes

Distance: 90 miles

If you love road tripping Florida at any time of year, you’ll love the stretch of road heading inland from the Treasure Coast, between Vero Beach to Sebring in central Florida. The drive takes you through impressive scenery and abundant wildlife.

Sebring is just over 90 miles southwest of Vero Beach, and will take you a pleasant 1 hour and 45 minutes and about the same (but different route) from Orlando, Sarasota, and Fort Myers. Jump on FL 713 S to Fort Pierce, follow Orange Avenue West for 17 miles, turn left on US 441 South (4 miles), right on County Rd 68 (10.6 miles), and pick up US 98 N to Sebring (27 miles).

Nestled amidst citrus groves, cows pastures, and charming scenery, Sebring is home to the Sebring International Raceway. It is a NASCAR owned track, but one that hosts premiere high-speed endurance races and is part of the American Le Mans Series.

Two days are perfect for visiting Sebring, but you could add another day to enjoy the chic Inn on the Lakes, which is highly recommended.

Inn on the Lakes, a boutique hotel on Little Lake Jackson, with impressive attention to detail, has a top-notch onsite restaurant, Chicane's, stylish and spacious rooms, and a fabulous pool setting. Chicane's has amazing food, from bacon-wrapped filet mignon to gourmet burgers, bananas foster to pork schnitzel it is all delicious.

Other tasty dining options are Cowpoke’s Watering Hole, Faded Bistro and Biergarten (charcuterie boards are all the rage), and Jaxson’s (known for the Hookiemelt).

>>> Where to Stay in Sebring?

Inn on the Lakes - located on Little Lake Jackson, this hotel offers guests impressive amenities, and it’s on-site restaurant Chicane’s is top-notch! Check rates and availability.

Golf is a big deal in Sebring (there are 13 courses), and the hotel has several golf packages to enhance your stay. Things to do in Sebring include sipping a retro soda from Sebring Soda & Ice Cream Works, browsing the quaint local shops in the downtown area, shopping for vinyl at Groovy Records, liquor tasting at Sugar Sand Distillery, or sipping wine from the kitschy circus-themed Mon Cirque Wine Bar.

Enjoy a dose of nature and the beautiful outdoors at Highlands Highlands State Park, opened four years before Florida even had a state park system. Nearby are the towns of Avon Park where you will want to have orange soft-serve from Maxwell Groves, and Lake Placid, with an enormous offering of nostalgic murals and world-class fishing options.

What’s to Love?

Nature Lovers: Over 100 freshwater lakes and waterways near Sebring and Lake Placid make this a paradise for anglers and nature lovers

Foodies: The orange cake at Cowpoke’s Watering Hole is sublime!

Beach Lovers: South Beach in Vero Beach is popular with locals!

History Buffs: The Seaboard Air Line Railroad’s Orange Blossom Special helped put Sebring on the map in 1925

Culture Vultures: NASCAR at Sebring International Raceway

Florida Road Trip #6:

Cedar Key to Crystal River and Homosassa Springs — Florida’s Nature Coast

Distance: 56 miles

Cedar Key is one of the most unique towns in Florida, and worth a stop on a Gulf Coast Florida road trip. The easy 56-mile route from Cedar Key to Crystal River can be driven in around an hour using US 98.

Cedar Key is one of those Florida places still a bit rough around the edges — a slice of Old Florida that’s hard to find anymore. It’s the perfect place to take in the incredible sunsets over the Gulf, explore historic sites, and browse the many boutique shops.

A big reason many people come here is for the seafood, especially the fresh Cedar Key clams that are harvested on the tidal flats which surround the island.

One of the best places in town to try them is Steamers, a local place located on the water right next to the boat dock. It’s a fun atmosphere and the seafood and clams are as fresh as fresh can be.

An overnight on Cedar Key is ideal allowing plenty of time to explore, shop, and dine. There is lodging for most budgets all around the island, and Annie’s Cafe is a great place for breakfast or lunch.

>>> Where to Stay in Cedar Key?

Low Key Hideaway - this roadside motel is colorful, quirky, and very low key, with the coolest Tiki Bar out back overlooking the tidal flats. If you’re looking for the perfect vintage stay on your Florida road trip, this is it!

>>> Where to Stay in Crystal River?

The Plantation on Crystal River - this great family spot is a great base to swim with manatees or catch a snorkeling and scalloping tour in Homosassa. Check rates and details.

For something a bit more unique - we loved our stays at the retro motel Kings Bay Lodge and the waterfront B&B with a fun mermaid theme throughout, the Crystal Blue Lagoon B&B.

When you’re ready to leave, US 24 E is the only road to and from Cedar Key and will get you back on the mainland to join US 19 S / US 98 S which is the best route to Crystal River. A good visit to Crystal River and Homosassa Springs needs 2-3 overnights so you can explore all that the Nature Coast in Citrus County has to offer.

There’s a lot for families and nature lovers to enjoy throughout the different Florida seasons. The Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park is fun anytime of year and features a collection of native Florida wildlife, and the Crystal River State Archaeological Park is just up the road, where you can explore the park on your own and bring a picnic lunch.

Without question though, for most visitors, winter is the main season to visit and swim with manatees in Crystal River, the gentle giants that make their home at Three Sisters Springs when the colder (for Florida) weather sets in. The springs discharge water at a constant temperature of 72°F easing the manatees’ wintertime stress.

If it’s too chilly for you or just not your cup of tea, there is a boardwalk at Three Sisters Springs maintained by the US Fish & Wildlife Service that surrounds the spring, arguably the best place to see manatees in Florida. The water in the springs is crystal clear making it easy to spot manatees.

If you’re road tripping through Florida in summer and the manatees are back out in the Gulf of Mexico, go scalloping in Homosassa instead! Summertime is Florida scallop season and snorkeling boats will take you a few miles offshore to collect fresh Florida bay scallops by the dozens. This is a traditional seasonal event and boat operators provide everything you need to have fun in the water — from snorkeling gear to the 2-gallon bucket for the scallops.

The water over the scallop beds is shallow, warm, and usually quite clear. When it comes to schucking your scallops, there are folks all along the waterfront that will shuck and clean your catch for a nominal price.

Afterward, head to a Cook Your Catch restaurant in town and have them cook you a scallop feast. From the ocean to table, summer on Florida’s Gulf Coast doesn’t get any better. A road trip along this path is well worth a few days.

Be sure and spend an afternoon in Homosassa checking out the spider monkeys on Monkey Island. You can see them from a boat on the way back in from your Homosassa scalloping tour, or as you sip a cold drink at The Shed at MacRae’s, a fun waterfront bar overlooking Monkey Island.

The quirky island of primates is teeny tiny, and a holdover from the early days of kitschy Florida tourism — which often involved bringing in wild animals from other parts of the world, as if Florida doesn’t have enough of its own wild animals! The small group of spider monkeys are provisioned and cared for, and are one of the more unusual sites to see in Homosassa!

What’s to Love?

Nature Lovers: Welcome to Florida’s Nature Coast!

Foodies: Cedar Key clams and fresh Florida scallops

Beach Lovers: Miles of rustic palm scrub and wading birds by the thousands at Fort Island Gulf Beach & Pier

History Buffs: Mounds and middens at the Crystal River Archeological Park

Culture Vultures: A former western station of the Florida Railroad at Cedar Key

Florida Road Trip #7:

Crystal River to Tarpon Springs — Nature Meets Kitsch and Culture

Distance: 58 miles

Outdoor lovers looking for more than swimming with manatees and hunting for scallops should look no further than the Chassahowitzka River, or The Chaz as the locals call it. The Chazzahowitzka River is a paddlers paradise. The 5-mile long, spring-fed river in southwestern Citrus County is a veritable cauldron of warm natural springs in Central Florida, and home to hundreds of bird species including osprey, cormorants, kingfishers, and bald eagles.

Rent a kayak at the Chassahowitzka River Campground, grab a map, and explore the small streams and turquoise blue holes of this lush Florida landscape. The Crackand Baird Creek are what most paddlers ultimately come to explore — a landscape straight out of Jurassic Park with a small underwater blue hole, or crack, that seems to meld into oblivian.

Staying on US 19 S will take you from Crystal River straight to the cultural gem of Tarpon Springs in about an hour. But you can’t make the trip without a brief stopover at one of Florida’s oldest and most beloved attractions, Weeki Wachee Springs, where mermaids come to life with an air assist from a garden hose and swim around in an oversized glass tank. You just have to go!

The best part about a visit to Weeki Wachee (now part of the larger State Park) is watching kids (big and small) somehow forget all that as they watch, mesmerized by the women wearing fish tails and swimming in an aquarium. It’s our will to believe — like the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny. -)

Weeki Wachee State Park is also home to another natural spring where you can take a trip on a river boat cruise and learn about Florida wildlife. For outdoor lovers, paddling along the Weeki Wachee River offers one of the most stunning views of natural Florida.

Mermaids at Weeki Wachee Springs, Florida

>>> Where to Stay in Tarpon Springs?

Stay on the Golden Voyage Houseboat on the Gulf in Tarpon Springs! Can you think of a cooler overnight stay in the Sponge Diving Capital of the US? Check rates and details.

If you’re looking for Florida that’s off the tourist track, consider a trip to Tarpon Springs, the Greek city in Florida known for sponge diving. In case you weren’t aware, sponges weren’t always synthetic. Natural sea sponges that grow on the bottom of the ocean floor around the world are live animals, and were once harvested for use in all sorts of things, from household cleaning to languishing in a luxurious bubble bath.

The sponge diving industry was brought to this part of Florida by industrious Greek entrepreneurs who found that conditions were just right in the area for this industry to thrive. Skilled sponge divers came to Tarpon Springs from Greece and business boomed.

Today, this once-burgeoning industry is no longer thriving, but the local culture is still very much alive and well, including local tours to learn about Tarpon Springs sponge diving, and plenty of shops selling the real deal. Start your visit to town at the Tarpon Springs sponge docks where you can park your car and stroll the Downtown district, shop for sponges, take a boat tour, or eat in one of several amazing Greek restaurants.

The Greek food in Tarpon Springs is reason enough for foodies to visit. Try Hella’s for lunch, dinner, or their famous pastries. If you’re full from your meal, take some with you from their pastry shop next door. Visit the beautiful St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church or watch a sunset at Fred Howard Beach Park. For families, kids can cool off at the end of the day at the Tarpon Springs Splash Park, and the best part is admission is free!

From Tarpon Springs, Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg — one of Florida’s biggest tourism destinations — are all a short drive away.

What’s to Love?

Nature Lovers: Paddle the Chaz!

Foodies: Authentic Greek food in Tarpon Springs

Beach Lovers: sunset at Fred Howard Beach Park

History Buffs: Tarpon Springs sponge diving history

Culture Vultures: Tarpon Springs annual Epiphany Celebration

Florida Road Trip #8:

Canaveral National Seashore to Merritt Island and Cocoa Beach — The Space Coast

Distance: 48 miles

For one of the most unique road trips through Florida, consider a road trip to Florida’s Space Coast, Cape Canaveral, and Cocoa Beach with a stop in Merritt Island. There’s a recreational activity for any outdoor enthusiast on Canaveral National Seashore. This pristine stretch of beaches offers swimming, boating, kayaking, fishing, surfing, and horseback riding. Take your pick.

The northern access to the park, Exit 249 off I-95 S to FL 44 will take you to the 6-mile long Apollo Beach with swimming, surfing, and tag-and-release shark fishing. It’s great for families wanting a day at the beach. There’s boardwalk access and the beach is one of the best in Florida for sea turtle watching in June and July.

The southern access, Exit 220 off I-95 S onto FL 402, will get you to the 4-mile long Playalinda Beach, a chill, secluded beach that’s popular for swimming, sunbathing & picnicking. (FYI, entrance #13 is to the nude section of the beach.)

Merritt Island is the hub of the Space Coast so plan a visit to the NASA Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and the US Astronaut Hall of Fame. If you want to hit the water, there is premier fishing and manatee spotting on Indian River. A hike through the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge will give a glimpse into the region’s delicate ecosystem.

For great local eats, Molly’s Seafood Shack on the Merritt Island Causeway — “not fancy, just reel good” — is worth a stop for local shrimp and oysters.

But if it’s the beach calling, take Newfound Harbor Drive to FL-520 E to Cocoa Beach, ranked among Florida’s Top 10 Beaches with more than 70 miles of beautiful sand. It’s only a bit over 9 miles from Merritt Island and should take no more than 20 minutes.

The surf at Cocoa Beach is generally not too rough with water shallow enough to wade past the breakers. This feature makes it a great place to surf. Rent a board or take a lesson and learn to surf. You can also spend time fishing at the Cocoa Beach pier or people watching.

There’s free things for kids to do as well. Lori Wilson Park is on the main drag with a great beach and a nature trail kids can hike. Across the street from the park is a very nice picnic area complete with grills, picnic tables, bathrooms, and showers.

Not in the mood or equipped for picnicking? Longboards Tiki Beach Grille is a favorite eatery as is Coconuts on the Beach. Both offer fresh seafood, burgers, and cold beverages right on the beach.

>>> Where to Stay in Cocoa Beach

Hilton Cocoa Beach - moderately priced and good value for all their family amenities and activities, with a great resort-style pool. Check rates and more details.

For a more local experience, these are some of the best Airbnbs in Cocoa Beach that we’ve found.

What’s to Love?

Nature Lovers: The wild Atlantic Coast beaches go on forever

Foodies: fresh local seafood

Beach Lovers: Natural and secluded Playalinda Beach

History Buffs: The Space Program and Astronaut Hall of Fame, of course!

Culture Vultures: The Space Coast has a surprisingly chill and relaxed local vibe

Recommended Soda & Beverage List

Revised May 4, 2021. This list is based on information received from the Star-K, CRC, OK, the OU and various companies.


Adina Organic Juice Coolers
Arthur's Smoothies
Astix Energy Drink
B-52 Energy Drink
Big Red Red Jak concentrate
Big Red Red Jak low carb concentrate
Dad's Root Beer
Daredevil Energy Drink
G2 (from Gatorade) (except when bearing OU)
Gatorade (except when bearing OU)
Green River Soda in cans and bottles (fountain syrup is kosher)
Kellogg's Protein Water
Mendota Springs Flavored Water
Minute Maid Light Cherry Limeade
Mike's Hard Lemonade and other flavors of Mike's
Monster Energy Drink
Mt. Dew KickStart Energy Drinks needs certification contains grape juice.
Newman's Own Drinks
Pepsi Products from Mexico
Point Sodas
Red Bull Cola
Snapple Fruit Punch (All Snapple must bear an OK on each label.Some Snapple flavors may be Dairy)
SoBee Adrenalin Rush Energy Drink
Spike Energy Drink
Starbucks Strawberry & Cream Frappuccino( in bottles)
Sun Shower Juices
Tahitian Treat Punch

1893:1893 Citrus Cola, 1893 Blackcurrant Cola

3C (when bearing OU)

5 Hour Energy Drink Only when bearing the Star K on the label

A & W Cream Soda, Root Beer

Acme when bearing OU

Activate (when bearing OU)

Adirondack (when bearing OU)

AHA! Flavored Sparking Water (when bearing OU)

Albertson's (when bearing OU)

All Beauty (when bearing OU)

All Sport When bearing OU

America's Choice When bearing OU

AMP: AMP Strawberry, AMP Passionfruit, AMP Watermelon, AMP Blueberry White Grape, AMP Energy Boost Mandarin Orange, AMP Energy Boost Wild Berry Cherry, AMP Tropical Punch

Apple & Eve must contain OU symbol.

Aquafina (United States & Canada): Aquafina Flavor Splash Raspberry, Wild Berry, Grape, Strawberry Kiwi, Berry, Orange, Peach Mango

Aquafina: Sparkling Water Lemon, Aquafina Sparkling Lemon Lime. Aquafina Sparkling White Peach Apricot, Aquafina Sparkling Black Cherry Dragonfruit, Aquafina Sparkling Mango Pineapple, Aquafina Sparkling Orange Grapefruit Aquafina Alive Enhanced Water. Aquafina Sparkling Peach Berry FTN, Aquafina Sparkling Unsweetened Raspberry, Aquafina Sparkling Unsweetened Strawberry, Aquafina Sparkling Unsweetened Lime. Aquafina Sparkling Unsweetened Lemon, Aquafina Sparkling Lemon Lime FTN

Arctic Mist (when bearing OU)

Arctic Splash (when bearing OU or OU-D)

Arizona Beverages (when bearing OU or OUD)

Arrowhead Flavored Sparkling Water (when bearing Kof-K)

Autumn Apple (when bearing OU) apple cider

Autumn Harvest (when bearing OU) apple cider

Ayala's Herbal Water (when bearing OU)

Barq's Creme Soda, French Vanilla Cream, Root Beer, Red Creme, Caffeine Free Root Beer

Ben and Jerry's DAIRY: cherry Garcia Milkshake, Chocolate Fudge Brownie Milkshake, Chunky Monkey Milkshake (when bearing KD - cholov stam)

Best Health (when bearing OU)

Big K When Bearing cRc

Big Red Peach, Pineapple, Red, Red diet caffeine free, Red Float

Big Y (when bearing OU)

Bi-Lo (when bearing OU)

Blossom Water (when bearing OU)

Blume Honey Water (when bearing OU)

Blue Sky (when bearing OU)

Body Works (when bearing OU)

Bottled Water ( all unflavored are acceptable including with minerals and vitamins)

Bravo Flavored Milk (when bearing OU)

Briar's (when bearing OU)

Brisk: Brisk Fruteria Watermelon, Brisk Fruteria Mango also see Lipton

Bubly Sparkling: Bubly Sparkling Unsweetened Strawberry , Bubly Sparkling Unsweetened Orange, Bubly Sparkling Unsweetened Mango , Bubly Sparkling Unsweetened Lime, Bubly Sparkling Unsweetened Grapefruit , Bubly Sparkling Unsweetened Apple, Bub ly Sparkl ing Unsweetened Lemon, Bubly Sparkling Lime FTN, Bubly Sparkling Orange FTN, Bubly Sparkling Raspberry FTN, Bubly Sparkling Unswe etened Mango, Bubly Sparkling Ul1Sweetened Cherry, Bubly Sparkling Unsweetened Cranberry, Bubly Sparkling Unsweetened Blackberry, Bubly Sparkling Un sweetened Peach, Bubly Sparkling Unsweetened Raspberry, Bubly Original JustBubly, Bubly Sparkling Lime FTN

Cafreezo Coffee Brand -Dairy: Coffee Non-Dairy, French Vanilla, Mocha

C & C (when bearing OU)

Canada Dry (Canada): Ginger Ale, Green Tea, White Te, White Tea with Raspberry

Canada Dry Ginger Ale Regular, Cranberry, Golden, Lemon, Green Tea
Canada Dry Seltzer & Soda: Amazing Mandarin, Cranberry-Lime, Bitter Lemon, Black Cherry Wishniak, Cheerful Cherry, Ginger Beer, Club Soda, Collins Mixer, Island Lime, Lemon lime Twist, Tonic Twist, Tonic Water, Peach, Pineapple, Refreshing Raspberry, Vanilla Cream, Wild Cherry

Canada Pure (when bearing OU)

C Plus: Fruit Punch, Lime, Orange, Tropical Strawberry, Wild Cherry Apple

Canfields (when bearing CRC

Central Grocers (when bearing CRC)

Cintron Tea (when bearing OU)

Citrus Bay, Long Island Lemonade Company (when bearing OU)

Citrus Hill,Apple, Cranberry, Fruit Punch, Grapefruit, Orange, Pink Lemonade, Lemonade Sour, Pineapple

Charged Cherry Burst, Charged Berry Blast, Charged Tropical Strike, Charged Original Dew

Clear American (when bearing OU)

Clear Choice (when bearing OU)

Clear Splash (when bearing OU)

Clear n' Natural (when bearing OU)

Club Soda any unflavored

Cobra Energy Drink,(when bearing OU)

Coca Cola : Coke Plus, C-2, Classic, Vanilla Zero, Coke Zero, Cherry Zero, Cherry Coke, Caffeine Free, Black Cherry Vanilla, Lemon , Lime, Vanilla Coke, VIO (Dairy-Cholov Stam)
Diet Coke: Feisty Cherry, Ginger Lime, Twisted Mango, Zesty Blood Orange, Blueberry Acai & Strawberry Guava

Information on Coca Cola Freestyle Machines
Coca Cola bottled in Mexico is not certified as kosher.
Coca Cola with Coffee, Coca Cola with Coffee Caramel, Coca Cola with Coffee Dark Blend Zero Sugar, Coca Cola with Coffee Vanilla, Coca Cola with Coffee Vanilla Zero Sugar

Coolah Energy Drink Lemon, Diet Lemon

Coolata (Dunkin Donuts) Not all are certified kosher. Only recommended when purchased from a kosher certified location.

Cornell (when bearing OU)

Cott (when bearing OU) -

Cotton Club (When bearing OU)

Country Delight (When bearing CRC)

Country Time liquid: Lemonade, Pink Lemonade, Strawberry Lemon

Country Time (Powder: All powders certified when bearing OK)

C Plus Lime, Orange, Orange Burst, Wink Twist

Crush (Canada) Berry Blue Tangerine, Berry Pomegranate, Grape, Green Vanilla Fruit Punch, Lime, Orange, Sparkling Pink Grapefruit, Sour Cherry, Strawberry/Banana, Strawberry Limeade.

Crush (US only) Banana, Birch Beer,Cherry, Cream Soda Red, Cream Soda White, Fruity Red, Grape, Lime, Orange, Peach, Pineapple, Red Licorice, Strawberry.

Crystal Bay (when bearing OU)

Crystal Light (Liquid and Powders are certifed when bearing OK)

Dasani Beverage (when bearing OU): Plain-Original, Raspberry, Lemon, Strawberry, Grape, Mandarin Orange, Pear Cucumber, Wildberry, Lemon Tangerine, Lemon Lime, Mixed Berry, Dasani Plus- Cleanse & Restore, Dasani Plus-Defend & Protect, Dasani Plus Refresh & Revive, Dasani Essence Blackberry, Lime, Strawberry-Kiwi.

Days (when bearing OU)

Diet Rite Black Cherry, Caffeine Free, Cherry Cola, Cola, Golden Peach, Kiwi Strawberry, Red Raspberry, Tangerine, White Grape

DNL Fruit Flavor Blast

Dole Juices Only when Bearing a "K" or "Ches-K"

Dole-Strawberry Banana Smoothie, Mixed Berry Smoothie

Dole Sparklers: Only when Bearing a "K" or "Ches-K"

Dominicks Juice Boxes Orange Juice boxes and Orange Juice half gallons(when bearing CRC)

Dr. Brown's (when bearing Kof-K or K)

Dr. Pepper (Canada) Berries & Cream, Original Dr. Pepper

Dr Pepper Original, Berries and Cream, Caffeine Free, Cherry, Cherry Vanilla, Red Fusion, Venom Energy Drink (see below)

Element H2O (when bearing Star-K)

Energy (when bearing OU)

Enviga Regular Green Tea, Peach and Berry

Everfresh (when bearing COR )

Fairlee (when bearing COR )

Fanta: Banana, Birch Beer, Blue Cherry, Berry Blue, Blackberry Lemonade, Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Dragonfruit, Exotic, Ginger Ale, Grape, Kiwi-Strawberry, Mandarin Tangerine, Mango Passionfruit, Orange, Orange Cream, Pineapple, Red Licorice, Select, Strawberry, Super Sour Apple, Super Sour Cherry, Super Sour Watermelon, Tropical Fusion, Vanilla, White Cherry, Wild Cherry, Yellow Cherry, Yumberry Black Current Banana Split, & Blue Vanilla are DAIRY (Cholov Stam), Pineapple

Fantasia (when bearing OU) Cool Time Lemonade, Fresh Squeezed Lemonade, Fresh Squeezed Raspberry Lemonade

Faygo (when bearing OU)

Five Hour Energy Drink Only when bearing the Star K on the label

Finders: Finders Lemon Berry Acai, Finders Diet Wild Black Cherry, Finders Wild Black Cherry, Finders Agave Vanilla Cream, Finders Root Beer

Finest (when bearing OU)

FlaviaCappuccino, Chocolate, Latte (other dairy products are not certified by the KLBD)

Flavor Inn (when bearing OU)

Flavor Rage: Cherry, Chocolate, Diet Vanilla, Lime, Raspberry, Tropical Remix(when bearing OU),

FlavourWorks: Colourless Flavor Shot Lemon

Food Club (when bearing OU)

Food Town (when bearing OU)

Franks (when bearing OU)

Frappuccino (Starbucks only in bottles with KD)(KD dairy non Cholov Yisroel) Coffee flavor, Mocha Flavor, Vanilla Flavor, Egg Nog Flavor, Caramel, Starbucks DoubleShot, Decaf Mocha, Mint Mocha, Mocha Lite, Mocha Amaretto Flavor, Hazelnut Flavor, SoBe Love Bus Brew. Frappuccino Strawberries & Creme (9.5oz bottle) is NOT certified kosher.

Fresca plain, Black Cherry, Citrus, Peach

Fresh Pik't (when bearing OU)

Fresh Samantha (when bearing OU)

Frïsa (when bearing OU)

Fruit Fraize Brand -Dairy: Blue Parrot, Key Lime, Mango, Pina Colada

Fruit 2 0 (when bearing OU)

Fruitisita Freeze Fruitlsta Limeade Lime, Fruitlsta Limeade Cherry, Pink Lemonade Freeze, Plna Colada, Peach Lemonade Freeze, Tropical Strawberry (when bearing K)

Fruitopia Strawberry Passion Awareness

Fruitworks United States and Canada: Blue Raspberry Freeze. Red Cherry Freeze Fountain. Fruitworks Strawberry Melon Fieeze. Fruitworks Orange Cream Freeze, Apple Berry Blast, Vanilla Coffee Flavour Freeze, Caramel Green Apple, Fruitworks Peach Lemonade, Fruitworks (Skittles) Green Apple FCB, Neutral Sweetner Base. Fruit Works Ultimate Red Cherry FCB, Fruit Works Orange Cream FCB. Fruit Works Citrus Cream FCB 5G BIB, Fruit Works Berry Breeze, Fruit Works Salted Caramel, Fiuitworks Grape FCB. Fiuitwoiks Grape FUB, Fruit Works Blue Raspberry Taffy, Fruitworks Sweetos Cinnamon Sugar FCB, Fruitworks Berry Candy FCB, Fruit­works Capt'n Crunch Berry, Fruit works Frozen Lemonade FCB, Fiuit Works Red Cherry Taffy Fieeze, Fruitwoiks Citrus Cream Freeze, Fruit Works Lemonade 3G, FruitWoiks Mango Fire, FruitWorks Watermelon, FruitWorks Pineapple Whip, Red Apple Frozen Carbonated Beverage, Mango Sorbet Frozen Carbonated Beverage

Fuelosophy DAIRY: Pineapple/Mango, Pomegranate Berry, Vanilla Caramel, Citrus Blend

Full Throttle Energy Drink (when bearing OU)

FUZE Beverages, Juice and Tea (when bearing OU)

Fyxx Hybrid (when bearing OU

Garden of Flavor Cold-Pressed Energy Aloe Collagen - Guayusa Leaf OU- Fish, Cold-Pressed Energy Aronia Berry Blackberry OU, Cold-Pressed Energy Reishi Pear OU, Cold-Pressed Energy Turmeric Ginger OU, Cold-Pressed Energy Wheatgrass Pineapple OU (when bearing OU or OU- Fish)

Gatorade - Fountain Beverages All varieties except for grape Gatorade bottles & cans: (when bearing OU)

Gatorade: F00O0O02021 Gatorade Orange, F0000002020 Gatorade Lemon, F0000002022 Gatorade Red Blood Orange, F0000002081 Gatorade Cool Blue Raspberry

Geyser (when bearing OU

Giant (when bearing OU)

Giant Eagle (when bearing OU)

Glaceau (when bearing OU)

Godiva Belgium Blends DAIRY -Cholov stam (when bearing OU-D

Gold Peak Tea: Sweetened Black Tea, Sweetened Green Tea, Unsweetened Black tea

Green River Bottles and Cans

Gus (when bearing OU)

H20h! Plain, Berry, Lemon Lime, Orange

Hanson's (when bearing OU)

Hawaiian Punch (Canada) 12 oz. cans & 20oz., 24oz. and 2 liter bottles only Fruit Juicy Red

Hawaiian Punch( 12 oz. cans & 20oz., 24oz. and 2 liter bottles only: Berry Blue Typhoon, Berry Lime Blast, Bodacious Berry, Fruit Juicy Red, Grape, Green Berry Rush, Island Citrus Guava, Lemonade, Lemon Berry Squeeze, Mango Passionfruit Squeeze, Punchy Lemonade, Polar Blast, Mazin Melon, Orange, Strawberry, Wild Purple Smash

Health Quenchers: (when bearing OK) Fruit Punch Wellness, Lemon Tea Wellness, Mixed Berry Calcium, Punch Tea Energy, Strawberry Lemonade Calcium, Strawberry Kiwi Energy

Hershey's Milk Box Drink(when bearing OU-D): Dairy, non-Cholov Yisroel

Hi-C ((Fountain Only / Not cans, bottles or aseptic packs) ) ) Flashin' Fruit Punch, Light Fruit Punch, Orange, Orange Lavaburst, Poppin' Pink Lemonade

Hires (Canada) Red Cream Soda, Orange, Root Beer

Honest Tea (when bearing OU)

Honeydrop (when bearing OU)

Hyperactive Calamansi Energy Drink, Raspberry Citrus Energy Drink, Starfruit Energy Drink (when bearing OU)

IBC Root Beer, Black Cherry, Brown Cream, Cherry Cola, Tangarine Cream

Iced Coffee @ 7 Eleven (Available in most locations from Kan-Pak Company) (Sold from in-store dispenser). Product made by this company is Dairy (cholov stam). The manufacturer's name can be determined by opening the door on the dispensing machine and reading the label: Mocha, French Vanilla

Iced Coffee @ 7 Eleven (Available from JAVO Beverage Company in Maine, New Hamp, Vermont, Mass, Conn, NY, NJ, PA.) (Sold from in-store dispenser) Product made by this company is pareve. The manufacturer's can be determined by opening the door on the dispensing machine and reading the label. Colombian, Hazelnut

Iced `Spresso (when bearing OU

Icee (Consumers must check each box of concentrate for the OU) Blue Rasperry, Cherry, Chrry Cola, Grape, Green Apple, Lime, Orange, Sour Apple, Strawberry, Watermelon

Ice Matrix (when bearing OU)

Icy Splash (when bearing Star-K)

IZZIE: Izzie Clementine FTN, Izzie Grapefruit FTN

Jeff's Egg Cream (when bearing OUD: Dairy & Non-Cholov Yisroel)

Jewel Sodas(when bearing CRC)

Jewel Juice Boxes (when bearing CRC)

Jolt (when bearing OU)

Jones: (when bearing OU)
Jones Organics:(when bearing Star-K)
Jones, Natural:(when bearing Star-K) Root Beer
Jones, Sugar Free: (when bearing Star-K) -->

Key Food (when bearing K Note: Grape is not certified)

K.O Energy Drink (when bearing OU)

Kool Aid (liquids and powders when bearing OK)

Kool Aid Slushies Cherry, Grape, Lemon

Kosher Club (when bearing OU)

Kristian Regále (when bearing OU)

Kroger When Bearing cRc

LaCroix Sparkling Water (when bearing OU)

Lanika Brand -Dairy: Banana, Blue Hawaii, Ice Cream Additive, Key Lime, Mango, Neutral Cocktail, Pina Colada Car, Peach, Orange Cream, Strawberry, Strawberry Cream, Orange Cream

LeVillage (only when bearing Star-K) French Limonade, Lemonade, Orangeade, Pink Lemonade

Lion Brewery (when bearing OU)

Lipton & Brisk Tea (only with K, Ches K, or another reliable hashgacha on the label). Lipton & Brisk Tea in cans or 16oz, 16.9oz, 20oz,1Ltr, 1.5 ltr and 2ltr plastic bottles do not require any hashgacha on the label. (United States & Canada): Lipton Brisk Tea-Bottle & Can: Lipton Brisk Tea, Brisk Lemon, No Calorie Brisk Lemon, Brisk Raspbeny, Brisk Sweet/No Lemon. Brisk Strawberry Melon, Brisk Unsweet, Biisk Green Tea with Peach, Brisk Sugar Free Lemonade, Diet & Reg Orangeade, Pink Lemonade, Lemonade, Sweet Lemon, No Cal Green Peach, White Tea & Pink Lemonade, Fiuit Punch, Yellow Lemonade, Biisk Green Tea Honey Ginseng, Tea & Lemonade, Fruit Punch. BlackTea Mango, Cherry Limeade, Busk Pineapple Passionfruit Tea, Biisk Tea and Lemonade, Brisk Cherry Limeade, Brisk Mate Cherry, Brisk Dragon Fruit, Brisk Mate Mango, Brisk Apple Tea, Busk Mate Dragonfruit. Brisk Strawberry Melon FTN, Brisk Strawberry Melon Iced Tea, Brisk Sweet Fountain, Brisk Lemonade, Brisk Watermelon Lemonade Iced Tea.

Lipton Green Tea: Mixed Berry, Lipton Green Tea with Citrus

Lipton lced Tea: with Lemon, Diet with Lemon. Green Tea with Citrus, Diet Green Tea with Citrus, Lipton Diet White Tea with Raspbeny, Lipton White Tea with Raspberry, Diet Green Tea with Mixed Berry, Lipton Sweet Iced Tea Jug, Lipton Natural Iced Tea Blueberry Pomegranate, Natural Diet Green Tea with Water­melon, Lipton Natural Green Tea Passion Fruit Mango. Iced Tea with Berry Acai, Lipton Naturals, UnSweet. Natural Black tea with Lemon, Natural Dt Green Tea Cirtus, Honey Peach, Diet Iced Tea Ginseng Honey. Sparkling Strawberry Kiwi, Dt Sparkling Strawbeny Kiwi. Tea & Lemonade, Lipton Iced Tea Pomegranate Blueberry, Iced Tea Lemonade, Lipton Sweet Tea, Lipton Iced Tea Splash Tropical, Lipton Iced Tea Splash Pear & Peach, Lipton Iced Tea Splash Citrus, Lipton Iced Tea Splash Tropical, Lipton Iced Tea Splash Berry, Lipton Brisk Symbiotic Dark Cherry Limeade, Lipton Iced Tea with Splash of juice Berry, Lipton Iced Tea with Splash of Juice Tropical

Lipton Chilled Black Tea Lemon, Chilled Green Tea Peach Mango, Sparkling Raspberry, Sparkling Peach, Sparkling Lemonade, Llpton Diet Peach Iced Tea, Brisk lead Tea and Blueberry Lemonade, Lipton Chilled Sweet Tea, Lipton Chilled Lightly Sweetened Sweet Tea

Lipton Fountain Tea: Brisk Plain, Brisk Sweet No Lemon, Brisk Extra Sweet No Lemon, Brisk Lemon, Brisk Raspberry, Brisk Peach, No Calorie Brisk Green with Juicy Peach, Brisk Sweet, Brisk Lemon Sweet, Brisk Half anf Half Freeze, Brisk Tropical Lemonade, LC Sweet Fountain Tea, Lipton Sweet Iced Tea, Upton Biisk Unsweet Fountain, Lipton Diet Lemon Iced Tea, Lipton Iced Tea/Lemonade, Lipton Mango, Lipton Peach Tea, Brisk Guava Ginger Lemonade

Lipton PureLeaf: ipton Pure Leaf Iced Tea Unsweetened, Lipton PureLeaf Iced Tea Sweetened, Lipton PureLeaf Iced Tea Extra Sweet Lipton PureLeaf Iced Tea with Lemon, Lipton PureLeaf Iced Tea with Peach, Lipton PureLeaf Iced Tea with Raspberry, Llpton PureLeaf Green Tea with Honey, Lipton PureLeaf Diet Iced Tea with Lemon, Lipton PureLeaf Diet Iced Tea with Peach, Lipton PureLeaf Diet Raspberry, Not Too Sweet Peach, Not Too Sweet Green Tea Honey, Pure Leaf Un Sweet Pure Leaf Sweet Pure Leaf Raspberry, Pure Leaf NTS Peach, Pure Leaf Unsweetened Green Tea, Pure Leaf Green Tea wih Honey Chilled, Pure Leaf Mint Pure Leaf Extra Sweet Pure Leaf Diet Lemon, Pure Leaf Lemon, Pure Leaf Unsweet Lemon, Pure Leaf Tea and Lemonade Iced Tea, Pure Leaf ked Tea with Pomegranate, Pure Leaf Iced Tea with Mint Llpton Pureleaf Unsweetened Green Iced Tea, Lipton Pureleaf Unsweetened Lemon Iced Tea, Pure Leaf Honey Green Tea, Pure Leaf Green Tea with Honey Chilled, Pure Leaf Unsweetened Green Tea, Pure Leaf Herbal Mango Hibiscus, Pure Leaf Herbal Mango Hibiscus, Pure Leaf Herbal Peach Hibiscus, Pure Leaf Herbal Peach Hibiscus, Pure Leaf Herbal Cherry Hibiscus, Pure Leaf Herbal Cherry Hibiscus, Pure Leaf Chilled Apple ClderTea, Pure Leaf Herbal Peach Hibiscus, Pure Leaf Herbal Mango Hibiscus, Pure Leaf Chille Hibiscus Mango, Pure Leaf Tea Iced Tea with Peach, Pure Leaf Raspberry, Pure Leaf Lemon, Pure Leaf Green Tea Honey, PureLeaf THC Sicilian Lemon Honeysuckle, PureLeaf THC Blackberry and Sage, PureLeaf THC Fuji Apple Ginger, PureLeaf Chilled Hibiscus.Lemon.jde Lipton PureLeaf Iced Tea Unsweetened, Lipton PureLeaf Iced Tea Sweetened, lipton PureLeaf Iced Tea Extra Sweet, Lipton PureLeaf Iced Tea with Lemon, Lipton PureLeaf Iced Tea with Peach, Lipton Pureleaf Iced Tea, with Raspberry, Lipton PureLeafGreen Tea with Honey, Lipton PureLeaf Diet Iced Tea withLemnon, Lipton PureLeafDiet Iced Tea withPeach, Lipton Purelcaf Diet Raspberry, Not Too Sweet Peach, Not Too SweetGreen Tea Honey

Lipton Sparkling Tea (only with K, Ches K, or another reliable hashgacha on the label) (United States & Canada): Berry, Strawberry Kiwi

Loblaw(when bearing OK)Lime Flavoureds Mineral Water

Mad River: Lemon Green, Mountain Berry, Orange Carrot Medley, Red Tea, Wild Citrus

Manzanita Sol Apple Only With "K"

Manzanita Manzanita Sol, Manzanita Sol Freeze, Blackberry Lime Freeze

Master Choice (when bearing K Note:Grape not certified)

Master Chill ( when bearing OU): Key Lime, Orange Mango, Plum Cherry Passionfruit, Dragon Fruit White Grape Plum Syrup, Passionfruit Orange Guava, Sour Green, Strawberry Ginger Ale, White Grape Plum, Bruisin Berry (FPC syrup), Sour Blue Raspberry, Cafe Latte, Cherry Limeade, Red Licorice, Strawberry Creme

MasterPour: Collins, Ginger Ale, Lime Margarita Mix, Pepe Rico Margarita Mix, Tonic Water, Sour

Mello Yellow Cherry, Lemon-Lime

MetroMints With KSA or OU on label

Mineral Water All unflavored are acceptable.

Minute Maid Orange Juices when bearing OU

Minute Maid sodas and Orange Juice. (Only those sodas packed in 2 liter plastic bottles, 16oz. and 20oz. plastic bottles and 12oz. cans) : Blueberry, Cherry, Fruit Punch, Grape, Lemonade, Limonade, Mixed Berry Fruit Soda, Pineapple, Pink Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonade, Strawberry, Tropical Citrus, Orange, Light Guava Citrus, Light Lemonade, Light Mango Tropical, Light Raspberry Passion.
Light Cherry Limeade is NOT certified kosher!

Mirinda: Strawberry, Fiesta Pineapple, Fiesta Mango Orange, Fiesta Fruit Punch, Orange, Green Apple

Mirinda Dilutables: Green Apple, Lime, Peach Mango, Mango Tangerine, Mixed Berry, Strawberry Kiwi, Apple Mlrlnda: Strawbery, Fiesta Pineapple, Fiesta Mango Orange, Fiesta Fruit Punch, Orange, Green Apple

Mistic (when bearing OU)

Mitzli (when bearing B'datz)

Mountain Dew US & Canada>: Regular & Caffeine Free, Diet-Regular and Caffeine Free. Code Reel-Regular & Diet, Fountain-Regular & Diet, Blue Shock Freeze, LiveWire, AMP, AMP Sugar Free, Energy-Diet and Regualr, Arctic Blast. Overdrive, Amp Innovation Elevate Mixed Beny, Amp Innovation Traction Grape, Mountain Dew Relaunch Live Wire Orange. Mountain Dew Amp Overdrive Fountain, Revolution, AMP Lightening, AMP Lightening Sugar Free, Mountain Dew Amp Energy Lemonade, AMP Am Oiange. Mountain Dew Yuzu Lemongrass. Mountain Dew Throwback, Diet Mountain Dew Voltage, Diet Mountain Dew Supernova, Mountain Dew Supernova, Mountain Dew Code Red Freeze, Mountain DewWhiteout (Yuzu Lemograss). Mtn Dew Lemongrass. Mt Dew Kickstart Fruit Punch, Mt Dew Kickstart Orange. Mountain Dew Kickstart Orange Citrus. Mountain Dew Game Fuel. Mtn Dew Game Fuel Goji Strawberry, Mtn Dew Adrenaline Rush, Mountain Dew Freeze, Mtn Dew Blue Shock, Mtn Dew Thin Ice Freeze, Mountain Dew Distortion Freeze. Mountain Dew Typhoon Freeze, Mountain Dew Cold Fusion Freeze, Mtn Dew Amp Gold Apple, Mtn Dew Shine, Mtn Dew Kickstart Pineapple Mango. Kickstart Orange, Mtn Dew Strawbeiry Kiwi Hydrating Boost Mtn Dew Baja Blast, Mtn Dew Sangrita Blast Mtn Dew Game Fuel Electrifying Berry. Mtn Dew Kickstart Black Cherry, Mtn Dew Kickstart Limeade, Mtn Dew Solar Flare. Mountain Dew Electric. Mountain Dew Sangrita, Mountain Dew Solar Flare. Mountain Dew Sangrita Blast. Mountain Dew Black Label, Mountain Dew Game Fuel Mango Heat, Mountain Dew Game Fuel Citrus Cherry, Mountain Dew Game Fuel Berry Lime. Mountain Dew Game Fuel Berry Lime FCB, Mountain Dew Kickstart Orange Fountain. Mountain Dew Kickstart Blueberry Pomegranate. Mountain Dew Kickstart Blood Oiange, Mountain Dew BWW Sauce, Mountain Dew Kickstart Hydrating Boost Watermelon, Mountain Dew Kickstart Midnight Grape, Mountain Dew Kickstart Oiange Cranberry. Mountain Dew Kickstart Fruit Punch FTN, Mountain Dew Pitch Black, Mountain Dew Pitch Black Ftn, Mountain Dew Pitch Black FBC, Mountain Dew Citius, Mountain Dew Block Label, Mountain Dew Pitch Black Freeze, Mountain Dew Pitch Black Fountain, Mountain Dew White Label Foodservice C & U, Mountain Dew Goji Citrus Strawberry FTN 3G BIB, Mountain Dew Holiday Brew, Mountain Dew Kickstart Limeade Freeze, Mountain Dew Kickstart, Mountain Dew Kickstart Mango Lime. Mountain Dew Electric Charge, Mountain Dew Ice, Mountain Dew Game Fuel Arctic Buist Freeze. Mountain Dew Citrus, Mountain Dew Holiday Brew. Mountain Dew Game Fuel Arctic Burst, Mountain Dew White Out Freeze, Mountain Dew Dew -S-A, Mountain Dew Green Label, Mountain Dew Spiked Lemonade, Mountain Dew Spiked Lemonade FTN, Mountain Dew Spiked Raspberry Lemonade, Mtn Dew Berry Monsoon FTN, Mtn Dew Voltage, Mountain Dew Kickstart Black Cherry Freeze, Mtn Dew Kick Start Ultra, Mountain Dew Kick Start Raspberry Citrus, Mountain Dew Organic Tiopical Burst, Mountain Dew AMP Organic Pineapple Coconut Mountain Dew AMP Organic Grape, Mountain Dew AMP Orgainc Citrus, Mountain Dew Citrus Cherry, Mountain Dew Baja Blast Zero Sugar. Mountain Dew Ice Cherry. Mouintam Dew Baja Blast, Mouintain Dew Baja Blast Zero Sugai, Moumtain Dew Marty Mash Up. Mouintain Dew Ice 3G, Mountain Dew Goji Citrus Strawberry. Mountain Dew Gold FTN, Mountain Dew Liberty Brew, Mountain Dew Cyclone

Mt. Dew Kick Start Energy Drinks needs certification

Mr. RE Only when bearing an OU Caffeine-Free, AMP, Blue Shock Freeze, Code Red, LiveWire, Pitch Black, Red Supreme, Arctic Burst, Mountain Dew AMP Sugar Free

Mug Cream: Regular & Diet

Real Tea (when bearing OU)

Red Bull (International): Original regular,sugar free & shots (Cola not approved at this time)

Relentless Original, Fire

Remix Flavor Hits: Cherry, Grape, Vanilla

Republic of Tea (when bearing OU)

RC Royal Crown Cola US: Cola, Cherry Cola

Ritz (when bearing OU)

Rochester Orange, Root Beer

Rockstar Energy Drink (when bearing OU)

Roundy's (when bearing CRC)

Ruby Kist (when bearing OU)

Safeway Select (when bearing CRC)

Sambazon (when bearing OU)

Sam's Only when bearing OU

Saranac all products

Santiba Original Margarita Mix and Lime Margarita Mix

Schweppes (Canada): Tonic Water, Ginger Ale

Schweppes Ginger Ale US Regular, Raspberry, Dry Grape, Golden

Schweppes Seltzer & Soda, US Bitter Lemon, Black Cherry, Club Soda, Lemon,Lemon-Lime, Lemon Sour, Lime, Tonic Water, Wild Raspberry

Scorpion Energy Drink (when bearing OU)

Seagrams: Ginger Ale, Raspberry Ginger Ale, Tonic Water

Season's Harvest, (when bearing K or Ches K only(United States & Canada)) Sour Orange 100%

Seattle's Best: Mocha, French Vanilla (Dairy Cholov Stam)

Seltzer any unflavored

Sensational(when bearing OU)

7-Up: 7-UP: Diet 7-UP, 7UP Lemon Lemon Core, 7UP Lemon Lemon Cucumber Mint, 7UP Lemon Lemon White Peach

Shaw's (when bearing OU)

Shasta (when bearing OU)

Shock Coffee (when bearing OU)

Shop Rite (when bearing OU)

Sierra Mist US & Canada: Regular (KP) & Diet (KP), Cranberry, Cranberry Splash, Free Cranberry Splash, Sierra Mist Matural, Nat Strawberry Kiwi, Diet Strawberry Kiwi, Peach. Cranberry. Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash, Diet Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash, High Yield Lemon Lime Peach, High Yield Lemon Cranberry, High Yield Lemon Lime, High Yield Cola Cherry, High Yield Cola Vanilla, High Yield Cola, Sierra Mist Twist Lemon Lime, Mist Twist Cherry Lime, Mist Twist Cranberry, Sierra Mist Lemon Lime

Simply Beverages when bearing OU

Slam Fruit Punch, Grape, Orange, Strawberry

Slice Red, Slice One-Orange, Grape, Berry

Slurpees See separate Slurpees Page

Slush Puppie Consumers must check each box of concentrate for the cRc: Tropical Punch is DAIRY : Blue Vanilla, Cherry, Cotton Candy, Fruit Juicy Red, Green Apple, Green Berry Rush, Kiwi Strawberry, Lemonade, Lemon Lime, Lemon Limecicle, Mazin Melon, Mixed Berry, Neutral, Orange Cream, Pina Colada, Pink Lemonade, Polar Purple Shiver, Raspberry, Strawberry, Strawberry Banana, Tropical Bahama Mama, Very Cherry Cola, Watermelon

Smoothie Brand (by Dr. Pepper) - Dairy: Key Lime, Pina Colada, Raspberry

Snapple (Only when bearing OK or OK-DE) Snapple Fruit Punch and Snapple Pie are NOT KOSHER! Some snapple flavors are now DE (Dairy equipment)

Snapple Water Dairy when bearing the OUD

Snow Beverages (when bearing OU)

SoBe (when bearing OU) Mr. Green, Sobe Cherry Lime Coolatta when bearing K

SoBe Yumberry Pomegranate Fountain

SoBe Lifewater (Coconut Water): Pacific Coconut, Mango Mandarin, Pomegranate Nectarine

SoBe Love Bus Brew (KD non-Cholov Yisroel)

Sobeys( when bearing OK) Lime Flavoureds Mineral Water

Soda Club (when bearing OU)

Soda-Club energy drink (when bearing OU)

Sokenbicha (when bearing OU)

SOL: Apple, Apple Fountain, Grapefruit, Manzanita, Tamarind

Sonic Cherry, Neutral Slush

SoNu Water (when bearing OU)

Sparking Ridge (when bearing OU)

Sprite, All including Sprite Green and Sprite Select

Squeezit Drinks, General Mills, (when bearing OU) Berry B. Wild, Chucklin' Cherry, Grape, Punch, Tropical Punch.

Squirt Citrus Power, Squirt, Ruby Red

Starbucks: Starbucks Pumpkin Spice

Starbucks Coffees: (Starbucks - only in bottles and cans with a KD [dairy, cholov-stam) Coffee, Mint Mocha, Mocha, Mocha Light, Decaf Mocha, Vanilla, Caramel, Doubleshot Hazelnut Flavor, Double Energy Coffee, Double Energy Vanilla Strawberry & Cream Frappuccino is NOT kosher!

Steap Soda (when bearing OU)

Steaz (when bearing OU)

Stewart's (when bearing OU)

Stoneyfield Farms Shift (when bearing OU-D)

Stop n' Shop (when bearing OU)

Stubborn Soda: Stubborn Soda Root Beer, Stubborn Soda Lemon Berry Acai, Stubborn Soda Orange Hibiscus, Stubborn Soda Black Cherry, Stubborn Soda Agave Vanilla Cream. Stubborn Soda Orange Hibiscus Red, Stubborn Soda Agave Vanilla Cream, Stubborn Soda Lemon Berry Acai, Stubborn Soda Classic Root Beei, Stubborn Soda Citrus Hibiscus Orange, Stubborn Soda Pineapple Cream, Stubborn Soda Black Cherry with Tarragon, Stubborn Soda Cola Zero Sugar. Stubborn Soda Cola

Sunkist Cherry Limeade, Citrus Fusion, Orange, Sparking Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Grape, Peach, Pineapple, Solar Fusion, Strawberry

Sundrop Cherry, Lemon

Sunkist: Cherry Limeade, Orange, Sparking Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Grape, Peach, Pineapple, Strawberry Orange Float is NOT certified kosher!

Sunlike (when bearing COR)

Sunny Isle (when bearing OU)

Sunny Isle (when bearing OU)

Sussex Golden Ginger Ale

Sweet Valley (when bearing CRC)

Tab Tab, Tab Energy Drink

Tahitian Treat(Punch is not certified kosher) Lemonade, Pink Lemonade

Talking Rain (when bearing OU)

Tang Powder (when bearing OK)

Tatra Energy Drink (when bearing OU)

Tava: Brazilijan Samba, Mediterranean Fiesta, Tahitian Tamure

TAZO Teabags and Bottled Teas (Flavored and Regular) when bearing KSA

TeemWindchill Lemonade

Thelma's Lemonade, Peach Lemonade, Pink Lemonade, Lemon Tea

Top Pop (when bearing OU)

Trimino Protein Infused Water (when bearing OU)

Tropicana: Yellow Lemonade, Light Lemonade, Pink Lemonade, Lemonade Fountain, Fruit Punch, Strawberry Melon, Fruit Punch Fountain, Pink Lemonade Fountain, Modifier SM. Lemonade, Lemon, Pineapple, Tropical Strawberry consumer products in 2 liter bottles, 20 oz. & 16.9 oz. bottles, and 12 oz. cans only. The equivalent flavors sold in refrigerated cartons are not recommended unless they bear an OK symbol.)

Tropical Grove( when bearing COR )

Tropical Delight (When bearing COR)

Tropical Rhythms(When bearing COR)

Tropicana Twister US & Canada: Citrus, Grape, Strawberry, Orange

Twisted Tea Half & Half, Lemon, Peach

The Ultimate Juice (when bearing OU)

Vault (from Coke): Regular and Vault Zero, Red Blitz

Venom (Mexico): Energy Black Mambo

Venom US: Black Mambo, Death Adder, Kill Taipan, Mojave attler

Vess: (OV) Black Cherry. Blue Raspberry, Cherry Cola, Club Soda, Cola, Diet Caffeine Free Cola, Diet Cream Soda, Ginger Ale, Mountain Vess, No-Salt Seltzer, Peach, Pina Colada, Pineapple, Red Cream, Root Beer,Strawberry, Tonic, Whistle Orange

Veryfine( When bearing OU)

Vintage Seltzer Lemon Lime, Mandarin Orange, Raspberry, Wild Cherry

VIO DAIRY (Cholov Stam): Berry, Citrus,Peach Mango,Tropical Colada

Vitacoco when bearing Star-K

Vita Zest (when bearing OU)

Vizzy(when bearing OU)

W20(when bearing OU)

Waddajuice(when bearing OU)

Waist Watcher (when bearing OU)

Wal-Mart (when bearing OU)

Walgreens: Grape, Lemon-Lime, Orange, Red Pop, Root Beer

Bottled Water All unflavored are acceptable (minerals and vitamins are acceptable)

Wegman's (when bearing OU)

Welch's: (soda not juice) Lemonade, Orange, Sparkling Peach, Sparkling Pineapple, Strawberry, (grape in NY, NJ with Kof K, in New England Area with Diamond K) on lid)

White Rock (when bearing OU)

Wild Fruitz (when bearing Kof-K)

Wildwood (when bearing CRC)

Windchill: Fruit Punch, Lemonade, Orange, Strawberry, Wild Cherry

Wylers (when bearing OU)

XS Energy: Citrus Blast Energy Drink, Tropical Blast Energy Drink, Tropical Blast Energy Drink Caffeine Free (when bearing OU)

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