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Sweet beef soup

Sweet beef soup

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Beef is cut into suitable pieces and boiled in cold water with a little salt in a miracle pot, approx. 30 minutes after it starts whistling. Meanwhile, peel the onion, finely chop it and put it to harden with the finely chopped bell pepper, in a little oil and water. Peel all the vegetables and cut into cubes, then add to the mixture of onions and peppers, season with salt, pepper, bay leaf and fill with approx. 2 liters of cold water, boiling over low heat, uncovered approx. 25 minutes.

After the beef has boiled, remove it from the boiling juice, grind it further if necessary and put it in the vegetable soup, add the tomatoes with broth, finely chopped larch, leaving the shells to boil together for approx. 15 minutes to put the tastes together.

Serve hot with hot peppers or cream to taste.

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