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Healthy Homemade Snacks Under $1.25

Healthy Homemade Snacks Under $1.25

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A lot of people don’t believe me when I tell them you can indeed make snack foods for less than $1 per serving. But when you make a healthy snack involving basic ingredients like fruit, milk, or eggs, it really is true. It may take a little more time to make homemade fruit snacks or graham crackers, but you’ll get twice as many servings as you can buy at the store for less than half the price. If that isn’t the most economical way to make snack food for kids, I don’t know what is!

— The Naptime Chef, Babble

Easy Homemade Yogurt

Healthy homemade yogurt costs less than a dollar to make and can even be eaten for breakfast or dessert.

Milk = $1.00 ($3.99/gallon)
Yogurt = $0.25 ($3.99/16-ounce container)
Total = $1.25

Make easy homemade yogurt for your family.

Homemade Fruit Snacks

Purée any fruit you'd like, and you can have inexpensive, delicious fruit snacks at home!

Mango = $1.00 ($2.00 each)
Applesauce = $0.80 ($3.69/48-ounce container)
Powdered pectin = $0.60 ($10/4-ounce container)
Sugar = $1.10 ($4.49/5-pound bag)
Total = $3.50
Cost per serving = $0.88

A recipe for fruit snacks.

Homemade Graham Crackers

Graham crackers are easy to make at home, and the ingredients are a quarter of the price of one store-bought box.

Flour = $0.90 ($3.79/5-pound bag)
Brown sugar = $0.70 ($1.39/1-pound box)
Baking soda = $0.02 ($1.09)
Butter = $0.76 ($3.49/4 sticks)
Honey = $1.00 ($4.19/12-ounce jar)
Milk = $0.16 ($3.99/gallon)
Vanilla extract = $0.19 ($1.59)
Total = $3.73
Cost per serving = $0.93

Homemade graham crackers are the perfect after-school snack.

Soft Heart Pretzels

The ingredients for soft pretzels are very cheap, and this simple recipe yields 10 servings!

Dry yeast = $0.60 ($1.79/3-pack)
Milk = $0.20 ($3.99/gallon)
Vegetable oil = $0.07 ($3.79 / 48-ounce bottle)
Flour = $1.50 ($3.79/5-pound bag)
Sea salt = $0.15 ($3.49)
Baking soda = $0.06 ($1.09)
Total = $3.01
Cost per serving = $0.26

Pretzels for the whole family.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

An individual egg costs less than fifty cents, and hard-boiling them using this easy method makes for a nutritious snack.

Eggs = $2.49 ($2.49/dozen)
Total = $2.49
Cost per serving = $0.20

Click for more inexpensive snacks.

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27 Healthy Cookies to Satisfy Your Cravings ASAP

Dessert belongs in everyone's diet, and these delicious, healthy cookies are here to prove it. Whether you're following a specific meal plan or looking for a more nutritious way to indulge in some sweets, there's a recipe for you to enjoy in moderation (including foods you can eat on a keto diet and vegan desserts!). And we promise &mdash the finished products won't taste like cardboard. Ready to get baking?

These cookies swap regular butter for your favorite nut butter, plus freshly chopped nuts for texture. What's not to love?

Take the best part of Grandma's fruitcake (the dried fruit!) and turn it into an on-the-go treat.

Believe it or not, these cookies are better for you than most breakfast cereals.

Swap almonds for flour to make a traditional cookie recipe keto-friendly.

Colorful, crunchy, and just 5 calories each? Count us in!

We lightened up the classic sweet treat by blending in freeze-dried strawberries instead of raisins.

These not-too-sweet cookies are chock full of nuts, grains and dried fruit.

Four-ingredient cookies can't be beat: these are made entirely of pantry ingredients and contain no dairy or flour.

Airy meringues are the perfect light treat after a healthy dinner.

Matcha powder makes these cookies beautifully green and wonderfully earthy &mdash and rich in antioxidants.

No added sugar + just 70 calories a pop = a guilt-free way to satisfy your cookie cravings.

If you follow a gluten-free diet, one of these decadent, flourless delights won't get you off track.

Turns out, you don't need butter for shortbread! This 100% olive oil version features slightly savory, grassy notes that make it even more special.

Almond flour and honey provide all-natural richness and sweetness to this classic cookie.

Black cocoa powder gives these keto cookies extra chocolatey flavor and the perfect color to mimic the real thing!

The secret to these moist, tasty morsels: substituting some of the usual butter and sugar with applesauce.

These luxurious keto-friendly bites require exactly no baking.

Up your greens with these gooey chocolate chip cookies. That's how it works, right?!

These cookies actually taste like carrot cake &mdash but without the sugar and butter (you won't miss it, we promise!).

30 Healthy Snacks Under 75 Calories (With Recipes)

Choosing to snack on unhealthy food can often be the downfall for those individuals who are trying to make the change to a healthier lifestyle. The calories from little snacks here and there soon add up and become detrimental to our diet.

Healthy, low calorie snacks can be difficult to find on the go as the majority of snack foods are laden with fat and sugar. With so many unhealthy foods readily available it is no wonder that the percentage of health problems that we face is on the rise.

It can be difficult knowing what snacks to eat when you are watching your daily calorie intake and it is easy to fall into a routine of eating the same snacks every day. However, with a little bit of planning and preparation you can ensure that you have a range of healthy snacks that you will not get bored of eating. Check out our list of 30 healthy snacks all containing less than 70 calories for great snack ideas that won’t be detrimental to your health.

1. Strawberries

At just 30 calories per 100g, strawberries make an ideal snack or dessert for anyone who wishes to live a healthier lifestyle. They are absolutely bursting with a multitude of antioxidants and are an excellent source of Vitamin C, not to mention they are delicious. Strawberries are perfect to pop into a container and eat on the go instead of sugar laden convenience food.

2. Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are great to snack on if you get peckish while you are waiting for your evening meal to cook and are also great to be popped into a container and eaten on the go or at your desk at work. With around 20 calories in 6 tomatoes this is one snack that you don’t have to feel guilty about.

3. Yogurt

If you find yourself feeling peckish after your evening meal, why not try having some fat free greek yogurt instead of a high calorie dessert. 100g of fat free greek yogurt contains around 55 calories, making it the perfect snack for someone who is watching their weight or simply trying to eat less junk food. Top the yogurt with 20g blueberries to satisfy your sweet tooth for just an extra 15 calories. For best yogurt for weight watchers, check our article here.

4. Rice Cakes

The next time you find yourself craving a packet of unhealthy fat laden crisps why not try eating two rice cakes instead? With a variety of different flavours now available on the market, you can get the same satisfying crunch as crisps for a lot less calories.

5. Melon

Most types of melon contain around 30 calories per 100g, therefore you could enjoy a 200g serving for a delicious snack containing less than 70 calories. Melon makes a great dessert or is perfect served with fat free yogurt and other fresh fruit to make a delicious, light breakfast.

6. Cottage Cheese

100g of fat free cottage cheese contains roughly 65 calories making it an ideal low calorie snack. For an extra 25 calories you could mix in 50g chopped pineapple to satisfy your sweet tooth.

7. Jelly

Sugar free jelly is now available in individually portioned pots that contain less than 10 calories so it is well worth stocking up on these if you are watching your weight. Alternatively, why not try making your own jelly and pouring it over chopped fruit before leaving it to set to make a delicious low calorie dessert.

8. Roasted Butternut Squash

Peel and deseed a butternut squash before chopping into small chunks. Place the pieces onto a baking tray and spray with a low calorie cooking spray before seasoning with sea salt, black pepper and some fresh thyme. Roast the squash for 45 minutes in a pre heated oven at gas mark 6 for a delicious snack that contains just 70 calories per 150g.

9. Berry Sorbet

Keep a bag of unsweetened frozen berries in your freezer so that you can make a simple and healthy sorbet in place of high calorie desserts whenever you find yourself battling a sweet craving. Simply place 100g of the mixed berries in a food processor and blitz together briefly for a sweet dessert that contains just 60 calories. Why not try adding this to yogurt for a delicious sweet treat?

10. Boiled Egg

One medium boiled egg contains approximately 63 calories making eggs an ideal snack for anyone living a healthy lifestyle. Why not try boiling a few at once and keeping them in the fridge so that you have a quick and convenient snack that packs a high protein punch whenever hunger strikes.

11. Frozen Peas

This might seem like a strange suggestion, but the next time you feel the need to snack mindlessly in front of the television, opt for a handful of frozen peas instead of unhealthy junk food. The chances are that you won’t even think about what you’re eating and you will only be putting away 64 calories per 100g of frozen peas.

12. Banana

Bananas are packed with essential vitamins and minerals making them a great nutritious snack. The naturally occurring sugars and carbohydrates present in bananas mean they will boost your energy levels, making half a banana the perfect way to beat the mid afternoon slump at less than 70 calories.

13. Sticks and Dip

Combine 100g of fat free natural yogurt with some chopped cucumber and mint, sea salt and black pepper for a delicious low calorie dip. Enjoy this with 5 celery sticks for a healthy and nutritious snack for less than 70 calories.

14. Frozen Grapes

Try freezing a box of green grapes for a sweet snack that makes the perfect healthy alternative to ice lollies or ice cream. As the grapes are frozen they will take longer to eat and will therefore leave you feeling as though as you have eaten more than you actually have. This delicious snack is incredibly satisfying and provides less than 70 calories per 100g.

15. Chicken Rolls

Buy a packet of ready to eat chicken slices and fill each slice with some pre prepared stir fry vegetable mix before rolling using the chicken as a wrap. Each slice contains around thirty calories meaning that these are a delicious healthy alternative to fat laden spring rolls.

16. Raspberries

With just 53 calories per 100g, raspberries make the perfect low calorie sweet snack. They are ideal to be popped into a container and eaten by themselves on the go and also make the perfect topping to yogurt and porridge.

17. Cucumber Rolls

Some brands now make light cream cheese containing less than 30 calories per 30g serving meaning that cream cheese no longer has to be off the menu for those individuals following a calorie controlled diet. Why not try slicing a cucumber lengthways and spreading light cream cheese along the slices before rolling them up and securing with a cocktail stick in order to make a delicious low calorie snack?

18. Minted Chickpeas

Drain and rinse a tin of chickpeas in water before briefly patting dry. Add to a frying pan along with sea salt, black pepper and a generous helping of chopped fresh mint before frying without oil for a few minutes, stirring often. Split into 25g portions and keep one in your handbag at all times for the perfect go to snack in between meals that contains less than 70 calories.

19. Grapefruit

Half a grapefruit contains approximately 52 calories making it the perfect light and refreshing snack for those who are feeling a little peckish but are conscious of their health. Grapefruit is also a known mood enhancer due to its uplifting scent and is therefore ideal to eat on those days you are feeling a little down or unmotivated.

20. Pumpkin Seeds

With just under 70 calories per 15g, pumpkin seeds make the perfect nutritious snack that can be eaten on the go. Why not try roasting them on a baking tray with sea salt, black pepper and chilli flakes for a tasty snack that packs a flavourful punch?

21. Apple Chips

With a medium sized apple containing around 70 calories, homemade apple chips are the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth without damaging your diet. Remove the core and cut the apple into very thin slices. Lay the slices on a baking tray before spraying with a low calorie cooking spray and sprinkling with cinnamon. Place the tray in a preheated oven and bake for twenty minutes on gas mark 6 or until the slices are crisp and golden.

22. Vegetable Batons

Sliced raw vegetables such as peppers, celery, carrots and cucumber make great low calorie and nutritious snacks for anyone wishing to follow a healthier lifestyle. They can be popped into a container and easily transported making them the perfect snack to eat on the go.

23. Blueberries

With just 57 calories per 100g and bursting with antioxidants, blueberries make a great snack for those who are conscious of their health. They can be eaten on their own on the go or can be used as a delicious topping for yogurt and porridge.

24. Prawns

Prawns are low calorie and low fat making them a great high protein snack for those who are feeling peckish but do not want to overindulge. They contain around 70 calories per 70g meaning that they also make a good low calorie choice to base lunches and dinners around.

25. Kale Chips

Hailed as a super food and with just 50 calories per 100g, kale is the perfect addition to any diet. If you don’t fancy sitting down to eat piles of leafy greens why not try making chips with kale instead? Simply remove the stalks and lay the leaves on a baking tray before spraying with a low calorie cooking spray and seasoning with sea salt, black pepper, paprika and chilli flakes. Roast the kale on a low heat for twenty minutes or until crispy.

26. Mini Egg Muffins

These mini egg muffins make a great snack and could even be eaten as a light breakfast on the go. Simply mix together 3 egg whites and 50g fat free cottage cheese plus sea salt and black pepper to taste. Grease a muffin tray and add chopped spring onion and sliced cherry tomatoes to each of the muffin slots before pouring the egg mixture over the top. Bake the muffins for 25 minutes in a preheated oven at gas mark 6.

27. Raisins

Raisins are a great alternative to sugary candy if you find yourself battling a craving for something sweet. They are perfect to eat on the go or added to porridge or yogurt for extra sweetness and contain less than 70 calories per 20g.

28. Popcorn

There are many different flavours of low calorie popcorn now available on the market meaning that you can indulge in this treat without feeling any guilt. Keep a few packets in the cupboard at home to snack on when watching movies or keep a pack in your handbag for a delicious, low calorie snack on the go.

29. Vegetable Chips

Why not try making your own healthy alternative to fat laden chips? Choose starchy vegetables such as carrot, parsnip and sweet potato and finely slice them before placing on a baking tray. Spray the vegetable slices with a low calorie cooking spray and season with sea salt and black pepper before baking in a pre heated oven for 30 minutes or until crisp and golden. Try adding chilli, thyme, paprika or any other seasoning you fancy to the vegetable chips in order to try and recreate your favourite flavours.

30. Fruit Skewer

For a low calorie, refreshing dessert why not try making some fruit skewers to enjoy guilt free? Stick to low calorie fruits such as berries and melon and arrange on a skewer along with chunks of sweeter fruits, such as mango and pineapple, and a couple of fat free marshmallows. These fruit skewers are fun to prepare and make a great low calorie snack or dessert for anyone with a sweet tooth.

These recipes make a healthy and more nutritious alternative to unhealthy snacks. They taste as good (even better) and gives your body the benefits that can never be found in other processed food we have been used to snacking on. Remember that not everything that tastes good is good for the body.

44 Healthy Snacks That Will Get You Through The Work Day

Getting from breakfast to lunch and lunch to dinner without noshing on something is hard. We get it. These easy snack ideas are super easy to make and will get you through the day without running to the candy jar. Don't have time to make one of these recipes? Try our favorite healthy store bought snacks!

So much flavor, no empty calories.

They're low-carb!! Eat your heart out.

You'll never buy it from the store again!

Keto fans, this one's for you.

The parmesan gives them an added flavor boost!

You'll be making a second batch in no time.

You'd never guess it, but these guys are made with. wait for it. radishes.

Healthy Candy Recipes

If you have any requests for healthy candy recipes or allergy friendly alternatives to your favorite candy bars that you’d like to see, please absolutely feel free to let me know in the comments below!

When you think of the word candy, what comes to mind? While some people might immediately think about Twizzlers, Sweet Tarts, Starburst, and gummy bears, my favorite candy has–unsurprisingly–always been of the chocolate variety.

And while candy normally goes hand-in-hand with empty calories, artificial flavors, impossible-to-pronounce ingredients, and added sugar, it doesn’t have to be that way.

These healthy candy recipes prove that it IS possible to eat candy on a healthy diet.

All of the healthy snacks listed here are vegan, and many of them can also be suitable for gluten free, keto, paleo, and other special diets as well. No one should feel left out of the fun!

8 homemade snacks from a celebrity fitness trainer that take minutes to make and cost under $2 each

When you're really hungry, it's easy to reach for whatever's around. It might be a prepackaged, processed food, like a bag of salty chips or a sweet granola bar.

These ready-to-eat snacks can provide a quick hit of energy, but unless you're an ultramarathoner, they're probably not the healthiest choice. They can lead people to eat more food and gain weight over time. Processed foods are also linked with early deaths and cancer.

Celebrity fitness trainer Emily Samuel, who works out with supermodels and movie stars at the Dogpound Gym in New York, said that one of the toughest things her clients struggle with is how to eat healthy when they're running late, busy at work, and always on the go.

"There are so many little tricks that people don't realize that they can do," she said.

For some people, snacks are a great way to stay satisfied between meals, while others may prefer to stick to set eating times. Studies suggest snacks don't categorically lead to obesity, and they're also not always tied to better eating habits, either. But if you're into snacking, here are a few of Samuel's favorite homemade snack recipes, which are all inexpensive and packed with plenty of protein, healthy fats, and fiber to keep you going all day long.

65 Crazy-Easy And Surprisingly Healthy Party Appetizers

Dietary restrictions should never stand in the way of a party.

With these easy, healthy recipes, you don't have to stress about throwing a party and derailing your healthy diet. From healthy dips to veggie bites and protein-filled skewers, there are TONS of healthy apps for you to make in here. And if you need some sweets to go with those light bites, try these amaze desserts you won't believe are low in sugar.

These sticky-spicy bites have no empty calories.

They might be even better than the real thing.

These *classy* skewers are the easy summer app you've been searching for.

Great for: Green salads, casseroles, stews, and chili. Types of beans range from 50% less sodium kidney beans and black beans to white beans and garbanzo beans.

What's a serving? Each can contains about 3.5 (1/2-cup) servings.


Price per serving: About 28 cents. You can buy a 15-ounce can for about $1 on sale.

Nutrition Info per serving: About 120 calories (for kidney beans), 7 grams protein, 6 grams fiber, and 6% Daily Value for calcium, and 10% Daily Value for iron.

Healthy Snacks with Eggs

Chock-full of protein and omega-3s, eggs are perfect easy healthy snacks. If you’re at home, you can simply scramble them or cook them sunny side up, but if you’re not, these 3 recipes are great on-the-go options:

Veggie Frittata Muffins
This recipe calls for cherry tomatoes and dill, but honestly, anything goes here. Roasted asparagus, sautéed mushrooms, roasted butternut squash, or nearly any herb would be fantastic in these little frittatas. Use what’s in season or what you have on hand!

Hard Boiled Eggs
Hard boiled eggs keep for up to 5 days in the fridge, so make a big batch over the weekend for healthy snacks all week!

Best Deviled Eggs
Greek yogurt adds extra protein to the creamy, tangy filling of these deviled eggs. Enjoy them plain, or top them with smoked paprika, celery seeds, or fresh chives for a delicious bite-sized snack!

1. Baked Apple Chips

Calorie: 95 kcal

These delicious baked cinnamon apple chips are made with only 2 ingredients and simple one the best low calorie snacks on the go.
Get the recipe here.

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