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Marbled cake

Marbled cake

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In a bowl I mixed eggs and sugar, until the composition became creamy and the caster sugar dissolved.

I added butter and oil while mixing the composition, then I added alternating flour and milk.

I extinguished the baking powder with lemon juice, I added it to the composition together with the rum essence.

Half of the composition I mixed well with cocoa.

I greased the pot of the appliance with a little oil and covered it with flour, then with the silicone polish together with another polish of the same size, I put the two compositions in it, alternating the colors.

I selected the BAKE function, the time of 30 minutes and TEMPERATURE at 160 degrees.

I closed the lid and pressed START.

After the baking time, I let the cake cool in the Multicooker, then with the spatula I took it out lightly and placed it on the support.

When it cooled completely, I powdered the cake and portioned it.