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Apple strudels

Apple strudels

I used frozen puff pastry, but ideally the homemade dough.

I washed, peeled and peeled the apples and cut them into slices.

In a pan I put 4 tablespoons of sugar, I added the apples and let them caramelize. I added cinnamon and a little rum essence and left the apples to cool.

I cut the dough into rectangles, after which I cut each rectangle, as you will see in the pictures.

On each rectangle I arranged a few slices of apples and a little of the sauce formed and packed, with the notched part on top.

I glued the edges with a fork, so that the sauce does not leak.

I greased each strudel formed with egg yolk and put the strudels in the oven (on a baking sheet), until they browned nicely.

At the end I sprinkled powdered sugar over the strudels.

I invite you to a warm, fragrant and fluffy strudel!

The secrets of a perfect apple strudel

The technique of spreading the dough sheet is the only more demanding thing. The sheet must be so thin, according to tradition, that you can read the newspaper through it.

Another important aspect is that the strudel apples are not shaved, but cut into thin slices and do not harden before! The strudel should not be filled with pasty "apple puree", but should contain slices of fruit that retain their shape even when ripe. Apples from hard and sour varieties are used, not very juicy.

Video: Apfelstrudel. Strudel (January 2022).