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America’s 19 Most Romantic Bars

America’s 19 Most Romantic Bars

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What’s more romantic than an evening at your favorite bar? Imagine it: dimmed lights, hushed voices, a fraternity rush party…

Wait. Who let those guys in?

For truly special nights, sometimes your local haunt just won’t cut it. So to help you design an evening that’s unforgettable, we’ve pulled together this list: the cream of the crop, America’s most romantic bars. Each of the following 19 hotspots has been hand-picked for its style, service, ambience and menu — think fernet, not fireball shots.

America’s 19 Most Romantic Bars (Slideshow)

From D.C. to Detroit, we’ve picked institutions that could melt even the coolest heart. There’s something for everyone: oenophiles, locavores, steampunks, S&M aficionados and people, um, looking for a third. And even if you’re none of those — just a regular vanilla couple — you’re bound to have a wonderful time, too.

These bars haven’t been selected on a whim. Existing reviews helped shape this list — the following nightspots are loved by professional reviewers (like Zagat) and dedicated amateurs (like a really passionate guy from Yelp) alike. We went with a mix of highbrow and lowbrow here in order to strike a good mix between well-known haunts and hole-in-the-wall surprises.

Everyone loves a little differently, and so in deference to that, our bars have been ranked on two factors: sugar and spice. The metrics are pretty simple — one’s sweet, the other’s sexy (of course, a lucky few are both). If you’re not sure which you’d prefer, imagine your dream night out with a loved one. If the evening ends with stolen kisses, look for bars that rank high in sugar. On the other hand, if that night out ends with stolen panties? Look for spice.

So pucker up, buttercup, and welcome to some of America’s most romantic bars. No need to make a reservation — we’ve got a table waiting for you.

Virginia's 10 Most Romantic Restaurants

Feeling all loved up? Then check out some of the beautiful and romantic restaurants that the state of Virginia has to offer. From tapas bars where you can while away an evening over seafood and drinks, to decedent French-inspired restaurants, here is our selection of Virginia’s top 10 romantic restaurants.



There's not much that isn't made better with bacon, and sandwiches are no exception. The crispy, salty meat is perfect on club sandwiches or breakfast ones, so it's no surprise it earned a thumbs-up from 67% of respondents.


Think of club sandwiches as an upgraded BLT, with plenty of protein-filled turkey. The classic sammie had a 68% approval rating among the survey respondents.

If you're not a turkey fan, skip the deli meat and make a BLT instead. The sandwich edged out the club option by one percentage point, pulling in a 69% approval rating.

Tied with the BLT at 69%, the ham sandwich is a crowd-pleaser. Simple but tasty, this classic sandwich cracked the top five.

Alaska: Smoked Salmon Bloody Mary

If you order a Bloody Mary up in Alaska you might be in for a surprise when you find out how they put their own special spin on this classic cocktail. Smoked Salmon Bloody Mary’s are Alaskan’s go to hangover cure. They are made possible by adding Alaska Distillery’s smoked salmon flavored vodka. Mix it in with the rest of the ingredients before pouring into a glass full of ice cubes, and garnish with celery stalk.

  • 8 oz V-8 juice
  • 1 to 3 dashes Tabasco
  • 1 dash Worcestershire sauce
  • Pinch of sugar
  • Pinch of salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 shot Smoked Salmon Vodka
  • 1 stalk celery

10 Recipes from the 1940s You'll Actually Enjoy

Get with your inner Rosie the Riveter using these recipes from the 1940s.

If records work the way they should, you just might be able to (just look at authentic Civil War recipes if you don't believe me). When you taste recipes from specific times in history, you can get a better look into the life people lived back in the day. That's why I love the idea of eating like a typical person from different time periods.

During World War II, we had an era that was nothing short of fascinating. It was the time of one of the greatest wars humanity has ever seen, and in America, that meant Freedom Gardens were en vogue [translating from French to "in fashion"].

Feeling like being a little bit of a historian? These delicious recipes from the 1940s will give you a good taste of history and show you what your grandparents ate while they beat the Nazis.

Back in the day, meat was relatively rare. The food that was being made was often given to troops first, because let's face it, fighting a war burns a lot of calories.

To stretch the meat supply that most families could afford, theyɽ make ground beef and potato patties rather than straight hamburgers. These patties were tasty, nutritious, and absolutely delicious—think french fries and hamburgers in a single bite!

Few recipes from the 1940s are as all-American as this one. Take a bite of a Freedom Garden treat, and enjoy.

Believe it or not, lobster was not actually considered to be a "posh" meal back in the 40s. It was still considered to be an "average Joe's" type of meal, which is why some recipes from the 1940s and 1930s involved lobster as a day-to-day meat.

That being said, these recipes are now pointedly decadent—even if there's no rationing going on. If you find yourself hankering for something decadent and spicy, eating Deviled Lobster Tails will definitely hit the spot.

You might have remembered seeing at least one or two comedy movies from the 30s and 40s use Coconut Cream Pie as the item of choice for a pie fight. This wasn't just because the pies looked white and fluffy people were eating Coconut Cream Pies everywhere.

This was about the time in American history where pudding mixes were being invented, and where shredded coconut bags were first starting to hit American supermarkets.

This pie will bring you back, all while giving you that delicious Hawaiian luau flavor (and the health benefits of coconut) that people yearned for back in the day.

Most of the recipes from the 1940s were about simplicity, mostly because people really didn't have much to work with. Much of the food that we enjoy today hadn't been invented yet, or just hadn't made it to the United States.

That being said, this classic recipe for Bread Pudding proves that you don't need fancy-schmancy ingredients to make a knockout meal. Just add bread, some cream, and some other easy-to-find ingredients, and you'll have a dreamy dessert ready to eat in no time.

This is one of the most common 40s recipes you might still prepare from time to time, and really, why wouldn't you? Everyone loves Egg Salad, especially when it's topped on bread or used as a picnic food.

The boom in the use of mayonnaise was what made this dish so popular during World War II. These days, it's not quite as common as it used to be, but that never stopped it from being delicious.

Finally! A recipe that actually alludes to its World War II roots, right? This was one of many, many recipes that governments created solely for the purpose of helping people conserve food during the war—and honestly, they're pretty good.

These cakes are incredibly filling and hold up pretty well. In fact, they often taste better the day after they are made. If that isn't a testament to 1940s rationing efforts, I don't know what is.

Lord Woolten Pie is one of those few 1940s recipes that was delicious enough to make it for the long haul, but somehow never quite caught on in modern America. As a result, it ended up being a recipe that became buried in time after World War II.

If you ask me, that's a shame. Lord Woolton Pie is delicious, easy to make, and surprisingly affordable. This pie was created by Lord Woolton as a way to help people create ration-friendly recipes during the war, and was primarily a British treat.

If you haven't noticed, a lot of the wartime rationing involved creating breads that were satisfying and didn't taste too bad. One of the most popular staples during this time was, unsurprisingly, Irish Soda Bread.

For many families that had to trim the fat during the war effort, breakfast would often consist of a slice of Irish Soda Bread with butter. Honestly, that's not too bad a way to start your day.

Most foods were pretty hard to come by during World War II, which is why most families stuck to the very bare basics when they tried to plan out their meals. This simple pie recipe was one of many that families used to put food on the table without getting fed up with foul food.

In a lot of ways, this Cheese, Potato, and Onion Pie tastes (and feels) like quiche. That being said, this is a way simpler version that takes less time to make. Expect it to stick to your ribs in a deliciously satisfying way.

If you remember that one episode of King of the Hill where Peggy Hill talks about her Apple Brown Betty recipe, this wartime recipe is probably what she was talking about. Brown Betties were a favorite cake during World War II, and since then, have pretty much fallen to the wayside.

Few recipes from the 1940s deserve as much love as the Brown Betty. It's really a delicious cake, one of the best summer deserts for parties, and still remains popular in select areas of the United States. You'll love it, I promise!


Recipes are unique combinations of ingredients using the drinks, desserts and toppings you have unlocked so far in the game. As you level up, you can make additional recipes once you purchase the newest equipment available for your level.

New recipes have to be made once to be unlocked and sold in your café. You can figure them out thanks to Koffsky and other customers' hints or by spending diamonds.

Customers will start asking for recipes using your current level's equipment even if you have not purchased the equipment or unlocked the recipes yet. They will leave your café if you do not serve them unless they are ordering something else in addition, but they will return to your café later. In your café's profit summary, a negative amount may be shown from customers whose orders your staff were unable to complete while you were away from the game, either due to lacking the required equipment or the recipe being locked.

Saltwater Farm Vineyard, Stonington, Connecticut

If you're torn between a rustic, romantic, and vintage venue, Saltwater Farm Vineyard is for you. Surrounded by scenic coves and set on more than 100 acres of lush vines, Saltwater Farm Vineyard provides a swoon-worthy outdoor setting for any nuptial. The Vineyard's centerpiece—a unique contrast to the rest of the property—is a vintage airport hangar dating back to World War II that now functions as an elegant and modern winery.

8: Plano, Texas

Plano’s historic downtown has a lot to love. The first thing many visitors notice is the many brick buildings. The buildings are filled with shops, pubs, restaurants, and locals’ homes. The downtown area is a fun place to experience the arty side of Texas.

On any given night, you can wander through the art galleries as you listed to the music that fills the places of business. The old-time look of the streets makes it a fun place to walk around the see the sights!

Address: 1037 E 15th St, Plano, TX 75074

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➾st buy,' indeed: The top-rated Insignia air fryer is just $50 — that's nearly 60 percent off, today only!

Fry your favorite foods with 75 percent less oil for a fraction of the cost — and get free shipping too.

'Total game changer': Best Buy knocked an unreal $700 off this robovac-mop hybrid — today only!

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"You know, mental health, our evidence-based practices, they just don't work for our community. There needs to be something more… it really doesn't take into account where Native Americans have come from," Carrie Johnson tells Yahoo Life.

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