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Grilled pork with french fries :)

Grilled pork with french fries :)

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Two nights ago I took the pork meat out of the freezer with the idea of ​​making a barbecue because I missed the taste of grilling meat, but I left the meat to thaw in the refrigerator until the 2nd day, then I marinated it with rice vinegar, fish sauce, 5 spices, garam masala and I put it in a plastic bag, also with liquid and I put it back in the fridge. For some reason, last night I didn't cook it anymore and it remained there, with the marinade on it, and today something had to be done, so I took the meat and cooked it on the grill pan, well heated by the stove and greased with a few drops of oil.

Certainly the fact that I haven't cooked grilled meat for a long time but also marinated, they helped the meat to get a sensational taste, it was very tender (normally the grilled meat on the stove is a bit drier), it was juicy. and fragrant and this, determined me to share with you this seemingly extremely common recipe

I fried the potatoes on the stove in an oil bath and I completed the menu with a cool summer salad, seasoned with basil from my own pot.

Great appetite!

Restaurant Smart Autohof

Grilled pork sausages perfectly seasoned. 50 g / pc.

Grilled neck

Grilled pork neck seasoned for a tasty taste. 150 g Works great with french fries and pickles.

Medium Grill Scab

Prepared with care and patience, pork tenderloin (ribs) greased with spicy sauce and grilled as much as we need no more. 350-400 g

Small grill

Delicious small mix of beef and pork with spices. 50 g / pc.

Medium toaster grinder

Lightly smoked pork chop with crispy and tasty skin, balanced and seasoned. between 450-550 g

Boneless chicken legs

Healthy choice: grilled boneless chicken leg, balanced seasoned for a tasty taste. 100 g

Small roaster shank

Lightly smoked pork chop with crispy and tasty skin, balanced and seasoned. up to 450 g

Large roaster shank

Lightly smoked pork chop with crispy and tasty skin, balanced and seasoned. over 550 g

Chicken pulp

Chicken pulp, marinated in yogurt with spices specially chosen to delight the taste buds.

Grilled pork with french fries

The fast pace of life that we all have to deal with, often makes us make the wrong choices when it comes to food, especially lunch: fast food, pizza or pastries. And at dinner, when we are already tired after a day of work or walking around the city, we get home and most of the time we put the yam in the fridge, after it falls into our hands for the first time and gives us the feeling of satiety. Of course, if these things were just rare things and didn't turn into unhealthy daily habits, it wouldn't be a problem.

I decided below to come up with an alternative that I really like, both in taste and because it is prepared quickly and once heated, after a few hours, the food retains its flavor. Grilled pork.
Because it cooks quickly and absorbs marinade well, pork is best suited to be grilled.

4-6 slices of pork (chop, breast, leg) - depending on the number of servings

50-60 ml soy sauce
50-60 ml of olive oil
2-3 cloves of crushed garlic
1 tablespoon orange juice
1 tablespoon ketchup
ground pepper

Here, you have the freedom to choose according to your favorite gasket. wedges, pan-fried vegetables, grilled vegetables, salad of pickles, pickle salad or anything else will tickle your taste buds. Although they are not very healthy, for me, french fries are always a handy option.

Prepare the marinade:
In a bowl, mix the olive oil, soy sauce, crushed garlic cloves, orange juice (maybe lemon but orange gives it a more pleasant aroma) and pepper. Add the pieces of meat and mix in the marinade on all sides.

Cover the bowl with plastic wrap or a zippered plastic bag and refrigerate for 2 hours. Or even overnight, if you are thinking of lunch or even dinner.

"Refined" New Year's menus at the restaurant, in the "golden age". The classic pork chop with french fries and sausages

Before 1989, most Romanians spent their New Year's Eve in front of the TV, but there is also the possibility of spending in an "organized setting" in the restaurants of the Fatherland. The menus did not excel in diversified assortments, the range of products and ingredients being reduced.

Given that the Ceausescu regime had streamlined staple foods, and Romanians were queuing up to make a daily living, the New Year's menu was a real challenge. The dishes were few, given that the supply of products and ingredients was very limited. Patria's restaurants or canteens did not excel in sophisticated menus.

In the menu in 1984 that Canteen 4 of the Polytechnic Complex of Timisoara proposed to customers for the New Year's Eve party were included as "appetizer: fresh sausage, cheese (cheese), olives, cold cuts, meat pies, cheese pies, puddings, sausages. : sarmale, chicken steak with garlic sauce, pork grill with french fries and sauerkraut, potroace soup, homemade bread Drinks: 100 gr. vodka, 1/2 liter wine, 2 bottles of beer, 1/4 champagne , 2 coffees ". For dessert the proposal was: "Krantz cake with whipped cream. Oranges (apples)".

Also in the same year, the Cina Restaurant in Timisoara, a place considered "expensive" before 1989, offered to those who wanted a New Year's menu with everything that was best at that time, as it appears from the menu. The classic "pork chop on a platter with garnish, special meatballs, stuffed tomatoes, spreads with poultry liver pate, spreads with fish paste, mushroom pate, horseradish soup, horseradish with horseradish and mustard". In the "pickles" category, only "vinegar donuts" appear on the menu. For dessert, the restaurant offered "fruit cake" and "fruit", peanuts (mentioning the amount of 50 gr.) And coffee.

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Anamaria 2 years ago - 17 February 2015 23:09

Re: Dietary french fries

Something to my taste! I have often prepared potatoes in this way, even cut into cubes. If I grate some cheese or Parmesan cheese on top of them (they are no longer dietetic), I like them even more. I felt like it again! Thanks.

Grill gaskets

Prepare grill liners healthy and tasty! Whenever you need a good meal to be served next to steak or other meat dish, consult the recipes for barbecue garnishes and you will make the right choice!

Food type -

  • Aperitifs (247)
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    • Rice garnishes (12)
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    Method of preparation +

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    • Romanesti (113)
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    After the occasion +

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    Other features +

    Kids love potatoes and, let's face it, adults love them. If you need inspiration to cook potatoes, we do.

    Baked Brussels sprouts au gratin is a wonderful garnish for any kind of steak. It is very easy to prepare and offers a taste.

    Potato pancakes are ideal for a hearty breakfast or as a garnish for a delicious steak. They are easy to prepare and have a.

    Celery is part of the root family, being one of the vegetables rich in vitamin K, but also having a high fiber content.

    The rice recipe with mushrooms I offer you is inspired by Asian cuisine. I love to make rice with curry, and if & icirci.

    Fluffy mashed potatoes are a must-have in a mother's kitchen, because it's not, if the mashed potatoes aren't fluffy. is not.

    The tricolor puree with broccoli, carrots and potatoes is that preparation as simple as it is handsome and nutritious. And, of course, it becomes.

    The rice grove with broccoli and carrots is a fancy and simple way to convince your child to eat broccoli, the vegetable that doesn't.

    Potatoes stuffed with 3 kinds of cheese stand out for their flavor, in contrast to the simplicity and speed of the recipe. They will surely be to your liking.

    Spinach, cultivated since antiquity, appeared in Europe only in the 14th century, in Spain. It is currently cultivated in all parts of the world.

    Patatas bravas is a dish specific to Spanish cuisine, which is, in fact, french fries, served as tapas and covered with a.


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    Grilled or baked potatoes with garlic

    Grilled or baked potatoes with garlic. Grilled potatoes outdoors. Baked potatoes with garlic and butter. How to make grilled potatoes? New potato recipe with butter and garlic. The best new grilled potatoes. Baked or grilled golden potatoes.

    For this recipe for grilled garlic potatoes, both new and old potatoes can be used. New potatoes are more tender and ripen faster. If you do not have an outdoor grill, you can also bake the potatoes in the oven.

    Whenever I heat the grill in the garden (for small, skewers, pork, chicken or fish) I don't forget to cook some vegetables on it: zucchini, mushrooms, onions, asparagus, peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, etc. Sometimes I also make grilled potatoes with garlic. You will see that they are easy and quick to prepare and that they are very tasty.

    I used to make baked potatoes. Wash the raw potatoes (peeled), salt them and grease them with a little oil and wrap them in aluminum foil. We bury them in the embers and let them bake. You don't have much control over this because you risk getting some charred potatoes on the outside and raw in the middle. Sometimes they came out very good.

    Now I used a perforated tray specially designed for grilling vegetables. These trays are made of sheet metal or thick aluminum foil (the single - use trays & # 8211 see here what is it about). They can be found in all our supermarkets in the household districts or in those with barbecue accessories. It's nice that they have those holes that allow the smoke to envelop the vegetables and give them that specific aroma of & # 8222grill & # 8221. We do not get the same flavor if we cook the vegetables in normal trays.

    The garlic flavor comes from the garlic cream with greens and butter whose recipe can be found here.

    It is a fine and fragrant cream that can be used both before frying food (vegetables or meat) and for serving them.

    I give you the quantities for 1 kg of grilled or baked garlic potatoes, enough for 4-6 servings.

    Pork schnitzel served with french fries

    We shape the pork skin muscle and stingy and then we slice it diagonally to result in equal parts that are easy to flatten.

    With a hammer to beat the meat and a plastic foil or bag placed over the meat, we beat it lightly with light movements to soften, thin and be easy to crush.

    In separate plates we put flour and breadcrumbs. Mix with a fork or fork, 2 eggs with 50 ml of milk, salt and pepper.

    Meanwhile, preheat the oil in a slightly deep pan at about 160-170 degrees or check with a little beaten egg dripped in oil.

    We pass the slices of muscle seasoned with salt and pepper through the flour, the egg and milk mixture, then in the breadcrumbs, where we will press firmly with the palm on the slice of meat to stick the breadcrumbs to it.

    Fry the schnitzel in hot oil on both sides until it turns golden and has a crispy crust on the outside. When it is ready, take it out on an absorbent towel to drain the excess oil.

    For the french fries I preferred the pink ones. I washed them and then cut wedges. I washed them once more to get the excess starch out, drained well and then they ended up in the pan with the hot oil.

    From time to time I turned them over with a spatula to fry them evenly. When they became crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, I took them out in a bowl with an absorbent napkin to remove the excess oil.

    Am asezonat cartofii cu sare si piper si i-am servit intr-o farfurie intinsa alaturi de snitel, o salata asortata si sos de maioneza cu usturoi.

    Video: BBQ Pulled Pork Fries (May 2022).


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