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Goat soup with sorrel

Goat soup with sorrel

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If you use the head for the soup, it must be washed very well. We put the meat for the washed and portioned soup with boiling water, taking care not to fill the pot to make room for the others for the soup. When it starts to boil, froth the soup several times, until it becomes clear. Add onion, carrot, pepper, chopped parsley root to soup.

When they have boiled, add the washed rice and sorrel, without tails and cut into large pieces. When the rice is almost cooked, add the diced potatoes. Bring to the boil, add borscht to taste, vegetable concentrate and salt if necessary. Let the borsch boil for another 5 minutes, add the finely chopped leaves and let it boil for another 2-3 minutes.

Serve with sour cream on a plate. Good appetite!!!!

Lamb soup

Lamb soup
How to prepare Lamb soup. Recipe Lamb soup. Straight lamb soup with sour cream. Sour lamb soup with sorrel. Lamb soup as in Transylvania. The best lamb soup prepared for Easter. Lamb soup according to grandma's recipe.

Ingredients Lamb soup:

800 g lamb meat (neck, tail, lamb rib, head)
4 carrots
2 pieces of parsley
1 bunch of green onions
sour cream 500 g
4 egg yolks
fresh tarragon leaves (or from a jar, or dried)
sorrel leaves for sour (if you don't have it you can also use lemon juice)
2 large livers of butter to harden the vegetables

Preparation of lamb soup:

Put the pieces of lamb to boil in about 6 l of cold water with 1 tablespoon of salt, over low heat and in the meantime froth after it has boiled. Cut the carrots and parsley into slices and fry in butter. When the meat is more than half cooked, add the hardened carrots and parsley and let it continue to simmer.

Mix the egg yolks with the sour cream, chop the tarragon, cut the sorrel leaves into thin strips and slice the green onions. When the meat is cooked, add the sorrel leaves (about 2 bouquets, or the juice from a lemon), green onions cut into thin slices.

To the yolks mixed with sour cream, gradually add the hot soup so that it does not cheese, then pour it into the soup, add the chopped tarragon, letting it boil. Season with salt if necessary and we can serve with hot peppers.

Have a good appetite! We wish you a happy Easter!

Goat stew like I do

I think I once mentioned that I have a fairly consistent archive of pictures taken on the occasion of daily cooking, but also on the occasion of Christian holidays or other family gatherings, an archive that allows me to write recipes made for some time in follow.

Browsing my own archive and if the Easter holiday is still approaching, I turned to seasonal recipes, but also to the festive meal on Easter day. I thought of enriching the offer of recipes for Easter, already written on the blog and I'm even writing some new recipes that I will make in the next period.

What animal do we choose for Easter? The goat is my favorite for cooking during the Easter holidays. There is a condition, however: to find a slightly larger goat (8-10 Kg), still tender (not to be more than 1.5 months old) and with the meat & # 8220 beaten & # 8221 (to be a little smaller in size, but with well-defined thighs). A lamb at 10-12 Kg with beaten meat can be the solution if I can't find the desired goat. There is also the solution of & # 8220avarie & # 8221 & # 8211 to buy 2 lamb legs, from the back, at about 6-7 Kg plus the head (for soup) and lamb entrails, separately or bird entrails (chicken, turkey for drob ). The goat goes very well prepared on the grill or in the pan (that's why I prefer it), and the lamb (having some fat) goes best in the oven.

What do we put on the table on Easter day? The Easter meal must be rich, with everything, without missing: red eggs, drob, soup, a dish (usually stewed), lamb / goat steak, cake / Easter, brandy and wine, plus seasonal salads. For those who do not like lamb / goat meat, you can prepare soup and steak from mutton / sheep or poultry.

For today I chose a generous dish, very tasty, full of spring aromas & # 8211 goat stew. The recipe can be made just as tasty with lamb.

Ingredients needed in the recipe: goat ribs (full of fat, not only meat and bone) and lean meat from the animal's belly (you can also use the pulp or chop, if you make steak from other meat), garlic and green onions, dried onions, bell peppers (fresh or frozen), tomato juice, sunflower oil, coarse salt, peppercorns, dried thyme.

The secret of the dish is well kept! The fat of lamb (saul) / goat (the piece is made up of a harder part under which the fat is and then the lean meat) should not be removed. Shepherds and goat breeders, when they hear that the saddle is being removed / thrown away, have real nervous breakdowns. They cook in this fat that gives the special taste of lamb, sheep, ram, goat, goat, regardless of the preparation. For those who are a little more sensitive to smell and / or taste, it may seem a bit strange to use this fat, which has almost no consistency of pork fat. Professional gourmets and gourmets everywhere will appreciate the taste of lamb and / or goat dishes.

Heat a saucepan with high edges and when you feel the heat in your palm, add a few drops of sunflower oil.

The goat meat portioned in pieces of suitable sizes is fried over high heat, on both sides, until lightly browned, without burning.

Cut the dried onion into rounds, and the onion and green garlic into larger pieces. Dill and green parsley (parsley is optional) chop finely. Cut the bell pepper into thin pieces.

Before turning the meat to fry, season with coarse salt, freshly ground peppercorns and a little dried thyme.

Be careful, the splashes of fat jump out of the pan and the cat! The meat is fried over high heat, in its own fat and hot drops of fat can be thrown out of the pan, which once on the skin of the hands / face can create discomfort. If you have suffered it, quickly wash the affected skin under a stream of cold water and grease with oil (if you do not have ointment for heat burns in the house), before small and red bumps form that sting. Untreated, blisters can become infected.

Season the meat on the other side, after browning.

Dried onions, onions and green garlic, bell peppers, chopped, add over the fried meat.

Mix with a wooden spoon and put the lid on the pan to smother the ingredients. Do not add water.

Dried onions, garlic and green onions, bell peppers that are smothered together with meat for goat stew.

When the dried onion is soaked, add tomato juice as my wife does, mix using a wooden spoon and put the lid back on the pan. If you do not have tomato juice, you can add tomatoes in broth / fresh tomatoes or frozen, peeled and diced tomatoes.

Add a few sprigs of dried thyme.

Reduce the heat to the right and continue cooking until the meat is soft (almost comes off the bones) and a delicious sauce is formed.

When the dish is ready, add dill and finely chopped green parsley.

The preparation is served hot, on heated plates so as not to grease the fat on the plate.

A slice of homemade bread baked in the oven, to soak in the delicious sauce, can not be missed.

A seasonal salad, from leurda, lettuce, moon radish, green onions and garlic, dill and green parsley, olive oil, coarse salt and lemon juice, will make this food no longer look greasy even to the fiercest opponent of this genre of preparations.

It was to forget a glass of white or red wine, according to everyone's preferences.

Good appetite, you gourmet brothers and you gourmet brothers everywhere, wherever you are in the world! Religious holidays are occasions when the whole family gathers around the table, reminisces from childhood memories, exchanges current business intentions and does not forget to have a drink in honor of those who have left us.

Goat borscht raised in & # 8220batatura & # 8221

As it was not possible to gather the family to celebrate Easter properly, in 2009 I portioned the purchased goat and put it in separate packages, in the freezer, for various recipes that were to be prepared later.

The package containing the headboard, the bottom of the legs and 2 pieces of neck was intended for a borscht.

I let the package thaw slowly in the refrigerator in the evening.

Goat meat is very tender, very tasty, consistent and does not produce rictus to the more sympathetic.

Wash the thawed meat in cold water to remove any traces of clotted blood.

Secret! If you want it to keep its taste unaltered, when you freeze meat (regardless of the animal), do not wash it. If it has clotted blood, remove it with a knife and wipe the meat well with a clean cloth.


  • stumps, head, goat / lamb neck,
  • root vegetables (carrots, celery, parsley, parsnips), onions, bell peppers,
  • rice,
  • fresh eggs, chicken,
  • sunflower oil,
  • borsch,
  • green Lovage.

Peel an onion and cut it into scales. You can also chop 2 green onions. Put a carrot, a parsnip, a small celery and a parsley root on the large grater. Cut a few slices of bell pepper.

Step by step recipe

  1. Grate vegetables on a grater / finely chopped in sunflower oil in a pot.
  2. Scalding lamb / goat meat in boiling water. Drain water and wash meat with warm water.
  3. Boil the meat together with the hardened vegetables and heated cold water, enough to cover the ingredients with 2 fingers. Put the lid on the pot.
  4. Boil a cup of borscht and gather the foam formed.
  5. Add hot borscht over cooked meat and vegetables. It boils for a few minutes.
  6. Add beaten eggs to the hot borscht.
  7. Serving lamb borscht / hot goat with green larch on top /

Cook the vegetables in sunflower oil, stirring with a wooden spoon, over high heat, until the onion is soft. Add 2 liters of cold heated water and bring to a boil.

You cook the goat meat in boiling water. The scalded meat is washed with warm water and put in a pot with vegetables. Let it boil, at the right heat, with the lid on the pot, until the meat is cooked. During cooking, add a few stalks of green larch.

The stock market is bought from the market or from the market. You like to see how sour it is.

Bors prepared at home! I prefer the home-made borscht according to a recipe inherited from my mother. One week before Easter you can prepare the borscht for souring the soups. In a 3 Kg jar, with a lid, put: a handful of wheat bran, a handful of corn on the cob, a half sliced ​​lemon, a slice of toast or a teaspoon of brewer's yeast, stalks of green laurel, a sprig of sour cherry. Boil 2 liters of water and leave to cool to 30 degrees C. Boiled and cooled water is placed over the ingredients in the jar. Mix with a wooden spoon, 2-3 times / day in the jar left in the sun. After 3-4 days, the borscht is sour and can already be used to sour soups. As you consume the liquid, you can add boiled and cooled water and 2-3 tablespoons of bran, thus having the borscht made by you for a few months.

How is sour borscht used? Boil the borscht in a cup and collect the foam. The amount of borscht added is related to how sour you want the goat / lamb borscht to come out.

When the meat is cooked, add to the soup pot, the hot borscht and let it cook for another 2 minutes. Stop the fire and let the stew calm down a bit.

Beat 2-3 eggs with a fork, add some lemon juice (make sure it doesn't come out too sour) and some finely chopped green larch. Pour 2 tablespoons of the soup juice over the beaten eggs, mix the composition and pour it over the soup, mixing with the polish, to homogenize.

Secret! Do not put beaten eggs over the soup unless you have stopped the fire. Cheese the egg and spoil the appearance of the borscht.

The borscht is served hot with hot polenta and green larch sprinkled on top.

You flatter yourself with a plum tuiculita during the meal, even if it is hot outside. You will not sweat more, on the contrary you will feel good inside.

In both ways you can serve cutlet / rib / goat or lamb leg, with new potatoes prepared in the oven. Serve with a seasonal salad (lettuce / cabbage, leurda, radishes, cucumbers, parsley leaves, olive oil, coarse salt, lemon juice / apple cider vinegar and honey).

Easter 2009 (when this recipe for goat borscht was originally written) was a sad one, trouble in the family and we could not gather all of the house around the holiday table. However, I smashed a red egg and quickly served some of the prepared ones.

A semi-dry red / white wine works.

Romanian traditional customs! Easter is celebrated as a family, with everyone in the house gathered around the rich table, full of traditional Romanian goodies.

Goodwill must be expressed through the voices of those present.

We remember and mention those who left us.

Bon appetit gourmet brothers, even if you are not & # 8220friends & # 8221 sheep or goat meat! Try to taste, the dead try has no. The preconceived ideas about the smell of mutton are inherited in the family, it is not due to a recipe not accepted by the too fine stomach.

Moldovan lamb soup recipe

A lamb soup, mutton soup or a Moldovan lamb borscht are served mainly in spring, during Easter, but can also be prepared on other occasions. The flavoring is done using seasonal greens, such as leurda, green larch or loboda, and you can add chopped green garlic, towards the end, and the borscht will traditionally sour the preparation.

It can be seasoned with sour cream and egg yolk in the Transylvanian lamb soup version or served simply, after the preparation process is over. For the ideal taste of this lamb soup, the bones with meat on them will be used, so that the marrow and the fat offer a special aroma.

Goat or lamb soup can be prepared on the stove, in the pot, and this recipe, like other similar ones, is good for a multicooker where you will not have to worry about polluting the appliances if the pot catches fire, for example.

The preparation is standard, first boiling the bones (lamb's head, leg, neck, ribs, etc.) in a large pot of water and a teaspoon of salt, when it starts to boil throwing water. (when it catches foam on the surface), replacing it with fresh water and putting it back to the boil, in order to have a clear and beautiful goat borscht.

Cover the pot with a lid and let it boil for half an hour, during which time cut the vegetables into cubes (for the lamb soup with potatoes, they will be added towards the end), then add them to the pot and let them boil. . Put the paprika and hot pepper to change the flavor and fill with water until the meat is covered with three fingers of liquid, because it will decrease.

When the other vegetables are cooked, add the rice or diced potatoes in the pot and, after they are checked and ready, add the borscht to get the lamb soup with sour borscht.

If you don't like it this way, you can also get a sour taste for lamb soup with sorrel, cutting a bunch of sorrel on top, or for lamb soup with tarragon, where you put chopped tarragon.

After boiling a few more times, season with salt and borscht, turn off the heat and remove the lid.

Ten minutes later, chopped greens (loboda, larch, leurda) are added to preserve their color and vitamin content and for the taste to be intensified.

If you like lamb soup with sour cream, you will make a mixture of sour cream and yolks, as well as the juice of half a lemon with salt, putting in it a soup polish and adding it to the pot taken from the fire, mixing well with a goal, so that the egg does not coagulate.

Serve hot or hot, with bread, hot peppers, sour cream or lemon next to it, for later souring.

In the same way, sheep soup is prepared where the cooking time can be slightly different, depending on the tenderness of the meat. Hoping that, since you know how to make Moldovan lamb soup, the dish will be to your taste, I wish you good appetite!

Peel the lamb's head, remove the brain and eyes and cut. The soup is made from these cleaned bones and from the cleaned and cut tail, washed in several waters. The bones are boiled in 3 l of salted water.

When the meat on the bones is half cooked, add the vegetables given on the large grater. Cut the onion into cubes. When the vegetables are cooked, add the greens prepared as follows: clean the sorrel, break the tails and wash in several waters. Put the greens in the pot and let it boil with the other ingredients.

In a bowl, prepare a preparation of 2 tablespoons of flour mixed with 2 tablespoons of cold water. Beat the egg well and mix with the sour cream. Pour the composition into the pot and let it boil.

Top with chopped parsley, green dill and lemon juice to taste.

Method of preparation

Prepare the stove and a large pot in which we pour about 6 liters of cold water and put a teaspoon of salt.

Add the goat meat (and possibly a bay leaf and a few peppercorns) and let it boil.

Cut the green onion into rounds. Cut the parsley root, carrot, parsnip and celery into cubes. Finely chop the onion. Cut the pepper into thin strips. Finely chop the larch.

Put the yolks over the sour cream and mix well.

When the meat starts to boil, foam will form on top, which we have to collect very often. We collect and remove the foam as it forms. In about 30-40 minutes we will have a clear soup.

Put in the soup onion, carrot, parsley root, celery, parsnip and pepper.

Stir and simmer for about 30 minutes. Vegetables, ie celery, carrot, parsley root and parsnip can be cooked for 5 minutes in 2 tablespoons of oil and a pinch of salt, in a pan covered with a lid.

We prepare a saucepan in which we pour the borscht and let it boil.

After 30 minutes we put the rice in the soup. If necessary, add the juice, but only with hot water!

Stir and cook for another 15 minutes. After 10 minutes you can put a link with sorrel, stevia or even chopped spinach.

Put green onions and season with salt.

Pour the boiling borscht, mix, taste and cook for another 5 minutes.

The boiled meat can be removed from the soup, deboned and cut into pieces, then put back in the pot.

The soup is ready, so turn off the stove. If you do not sour borscht soup, now you can add lemon juice or vinegar.

Pour 3-4 tablespoons of soup over the cream and egg yolk mixture and mix.



1 kg ribs and goat meat

400 g frozen spring vegetables (Bonduelle)

100 g sorrel leaves (about 4 hands)

Boil the lamb in salted water. After boiling in 2-3 boils, discard the water and put the meat in another hot water to boil. Add a clove of garlic, peppercorns and a bay leaf. Let it boil over low heat.

When the meat is almost cooked, add the finely chopped onion and frozen vegetables, then the tomato juice.

2 minutes before turning off the heat, add the sorrel leaves (keep a few leaves to serve), lemon juice and salt to taste.

We take the soup from the fire and we can serve it, sprinkling some fresh chopped sorrel leaves.

Honey soup

It is often said that we do not have a national identity in terms of food, that all our cuisine is a mixture of dishes from the East, or the West or the Southern Mediterranean. From my point of view, there is nothing wrong with that, because, isn't it, “Who will keep in shape? Just kebab and shaorma! ”

But I dare to throw myself into the frothy waves of hater and say: soup, sir, soup abounding in vegetables cooked in caramel-flavored juices, sour borscht soup, greasy soup with sour cream, larch-flavored soup, this soup is Romanian.

And since last year I left you on the last hundred meters before Easter with only a picture, I say let's go #pavogăţie this year, #păbarosăneală, like that, with the whole recipe. The picture is the same as last year, because I haven't executed the lamb yet, I'm sorry.

So, the essential thing for me in life and in this soup is to get a head in my mouth from time to time. Traditional. The lamb or sheep's head cooked in the traditional Moroccan style, one of the delicacies of this country and a food for which the right poet has not yet been born to sing it. The lamb's head is my favorite piece in this soup too, but feel free to give it up. But you will never find out the smoothness of a lamb's eye popping into your mouth or the fineness of a well-cooked brain.

But, you can add other pieces of meat: neck, nape, ribs (ideally), lower leg, tail. In total about two kilograms of meat, for a healthy pot, because only once a year is Easter.

Put the lamb meat (washed very well, until all the blood is removed), in 4-5 liters of water, froth it and leave it on the fire until it boils in half (about an hour and 30 minutes). Then add the holy third of the soups: onion, carrot and celery root, chopped brown or peasant, nah, as you like, put them in the pot, add a handful of salt and cook with the lid on for another 30 minutes. What I forgot to tell you is that for this soup the herbs from the forests and plains are essential, as a result a road to the market is mandatory. Take everything you find: green onions, stevia, loboda, butter, sorrel (you can find the last two in Obor Square, if you are in Bucharest). That's why lamb soup can only be made in spring, because it brings all the taste of the forest in a pot.

Wash these herbs well, chop them coarsely and throw them in the pot. I forgot to tell you that, while the meat is boiling, you have to boil the borscht in a separate bowl, which you let drop in half. After the greens have bubbled in the pot for 10 minutes, put the borscht and after another five minutes taste it (add salt, maybe a pinch of sugar if you think you want sour soup), then the final flavors: a rain of freshly chopped larch and parsley.

Well, give me a hot pepper and a loaf of bread with mayonnaise, because that was God's plan for me when he invented this soup.

It's just that if life gives you lemons, you ask for tequila and salt (who wants lemonade?), And if it gives you lamb and greens, it also gives you ideas. So I have another lamb soup. Rewind to the side with the borscht, because the second version of the soup is sour with vinegar and the right with sour cream. So, everything goes exactly as above, except for the stock market. When the soup is ready - I would boil it all in place and put them in the pot, remove a few tablespoons of clear juice in a bowl. Separately, mix a couple of yolks with 300 grams of fat, fermented sour cream (25-30% fat), then slowly pour the soup juice, stirring constantly until the composition is homogeneous. Pour this liqueur into the soup, add 100-150 ml of white wine vinegar (here you can juggle the amount of vinegar, as you like), then fresh, chopped tarragon. Sometimes, I put boiled rice in this version, but carbs and I have a love / hate relationship, and now it's like hashtagmetoo.


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