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Obama Gifts Prime Minister Cameron a $1,900 Grill

Obama Gifts Prime Minister Cameron a $1,900 Grill

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The present has us excited for grilling season

Clearly, someone's ready for summer: President Barack Obama gave U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron the ultimate summer cooking present — a custom-made Braxton 1000 Series grill — as a symbol of their friendship.

The grill is made by Illinois' Engelbrecht Grills and Cookers, and every part on it is American-made, said Engelbrecht's VP. The grill's custom features include brass hooks on the side, an engraved utility tray with American and British flags, and a presidential plaque on the exterior lid. The normal retail price of the Braxton 1000 series is nearly $1,900, but President Obama's custom bling on the grill upped the price. The story behind the gift? Last May, the two grilled and served food to American and British service members on Downing Street (cue the "awww's").

President Obama's present makes us wish it were June already — but there's no need to wait until then to fire up the grill. Throw a springtime grilling party, and enjoy the slowly warming weather:

• Survey your grill — while a charcoal grill is the most obvious choice for summer grilling, there are plenty of different styles to consider. (And toss out those useless grilling items, like that briefcase of tools you'll never use.)

• Read up on the basics of grilling before you get started. The Daily Meal's Guide to Grilling gives the elementary steps to grilling steak and pizza, with ideas for foods you wouldn't expect to grill.

• Test some new recipes to add your summer meal repertoire. Our favorites: grilled pork tenderloin, grilled artichokes, and grilled hanger steaks. If you make a grilling error (i.e. charred meat, or food sticking to the grill), there are easy solutions to any grilling mistake to save your meal.

• Mix up your traditional barbecues — you've got plenty of time to grill burgers and dogs all summer long. Try a kebab party, a backyard dinner party, or even a Texas-themed barbecue/cocktail party.